2018 is Looking Bright for Rolling Boxcars

Alright, I think I am finally, well mostly, over the plague that has ravaged my house since before Christmas. Hence there has been no blog posts from me since 24 Dec when I became ill with the flu and pneumonia. Now that I feel better it’s time to get things moving over here on Rolling boxcars.

We have a few irons in the fire for January:
d10-1 An interview with a Call Of Cthulhu 3PP (name withheld for now)
d10-2 Upcoming review of Harlem Unbound
d10-3 A look at Holland ’44 (GMT Games) and the wide-front strategy
d10-4 A look at our plans for 2018
d10-5 Upcoming review of the new Metamorphosis Alpha book

As always, if there’s something you like to see us feature, write about or research and present our findings, please just let us know.

~ Modoc & The Staff

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