Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Bundle Deal – A Must Have!

Chaosium is taking advantage of the DriveThruRPG “New Year, New Game” sale by offering a killer 7th edition bundle deal and passing the savings on to us! This a deal not to pass up for those wanting to get into CoC 7e on the cheap or those just picking up the PDFs to go with their physical books. I own every book in the bundle and they’re all excellent in every way. The bundle includes all of the following titles:

– 7th Ed Keeper Rulebook
– 7th Ed Investigator Handbook
– Doors to Darkness
– Cthulhu through the Ages
– Deadlight
– 7th Ed Quickstart Rules
– Alone Against the Flames

Grab the bundle here for $39.95. That’s 50% off the retail price!

~ Modoc

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