Mysterious Monday – 5 Investigation Ideas for Your Next Call of Cthulhu Game [15 Jan 18]

Last week’s Mysterious Monday post was indeed well received so, here are this week’s five investigation seeds for your Call of Cthulhu game. I decided to expand the seeds to give a little more depth and color to each with the hope that they will be that much more useful to Keepers.

d10-1 [Any time period] Cultists have infiltrated a well known fraternal order and have slowly begun gaining converts from the order’s membership.  From time to time members of various lodges have gone missing or met their maker through strange circumstances. What organization do the cultists belong too? What are their plans and why have they infiltrated the fraternal order?

d10-2 [Any time period] The house at 17 Bittersweet Lane has been vacant for three years. As with most vacant homes in this part of town, it often attracts squatters. Three days ago the police were called to this house and removed the mutilated remains of one of the squatters. The wounds are circular bites with jagged edges and of varying sizes. The police have never seen anything like this before. What killed the squatter?

d10-3 [Colonial America] Dorchester Village, nestled along the Ashley River in coastal South Carolina is by all means a colonial frontier town; a way-station between Charleston and Indian settlements and plantations further inland. The year is 1786 and the town is nearly abandoned and in ruin following the Revolutionary War. Those residents that remain have formed a very tight bond with one another and they strongly feel their safety throughout the war can be attributed to the intervention of a higher power, but not God in the Anglican sense. Annually, on the anniversary of the town be sacked by the British, these few locals gather to make animal and human sacrifices in the local cemetery. They use a large marble slab grave marker as a butcher’s block. Who do they attribute their survival too? How do other area residents feel about them and their practices?

d10-4 [America, after 1835] A pre-Colombian society that worshiped a long forgotten Elder God eventually faded into the annals of history. They left behind very little physical traces save for some home sites, strange and occult-like pictographs, and a very small number of physical items. One such item, a kachina doll, was found in 1835 by a local farmer in incredible condition. Although ownership of the doll changed over the years, each owner went mad in his or her own way. What are the effects of the doll? Is anyone seeking to obtain the doll and for what purpose?

d10-5 [Modern] Time has forgotten the old scientific laboratory located on a remote barrier island off the coast of the Rhode Island. The lab was home to many strange experiments by a well known, but very recluse, scientist by the name of Dr. Edwin R. Fairgood. Dr. Fairgood’s experiments into eugenics and esoteric studies were so controversial that locals forced him to relocate to this barrier island. It is unclear, even to this day, what the full scale and scope of his experiments were, but the old lab gives a few clues. In the months leading up to his death, he began painting strange symbols on the walls and floors of the lab. When his corpse was finally found, two weeks after his death, it was found inside a large circle with esoteric writing within. Ninety years later, the weather-beaten and dilapidated building still stands as a testament to the doctor’s work.  What was Dr. Fairgood up to?

~ Modoc

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