Mysterious Monday – 5 Investigation Ideas for Your Next Call of Cthulhu Game [22 Jan 18]

Each Monday I write and publish five investigation seeds to spark the imaginations of GMs everywhere. While I write them with the intention to be used for Call of Cthulhu, they can be used for any RPG system out there.

d10-1 [Modern] Visitors to a local theme and adventure park are star struck at their experience to the park. Numerous visitors have been reporting to the staff and discussing on social media that when they are extremely disoriented after riding on several rides. While this is to be expected on rides such as roller coasters, but low-speed rides such as the haunted house ride? Along with the online buzz, rumors have begun to take shape. One of the more prevalent rumors is that some of the park staff may be to blame for the situation. Little do they know how right they are! What is the staff doing to cause the disorientation and for what purposes?

Credit:, Worchester, MA, A look inside the painful past of Massachusetts’ asylums, 2016

d10-2 [Modern] The Old Monson State Developmental Center has been abandoned for years following the construction of a newer more up-to-date facility across the road. The first structure built on the old property was an Almshouse for poor Irish immigrants, built-in 1854 and operated until 1872. The facility was transformed into a school for children that were wards of the state and eventually was converted into the Massachusetts Hospital for Epileptics in 1892. By the 1970s the new facility across the road was under constructions and residents were transferred as more and more buildings were finished; leaving the old site in ruins. Employees as early as the Almshouse were secretly abusing residents and patients. Some were just sadistic, but others served one cult or another and what better place to harvest what one needs than from a place where the forgotten and damned are forced to live. In the end, the abandoned site is haunted. A developer wants to re-use the land, can investigators determine the root of the hauntings and formulate a plan to rid some of the buildings of their ethereal residents?

d10-3 [Any Time Period] Paul Darby, a local teen, has continually reported to the police and anyone that will listen that on very quiet evenings he can hear chanting while sitting in his backyard. Darby’s home is located in the hills of the valley and sound tends to travel in the valley when atmospheric conditions are right. Paul Darby has been hearing chanting, but what he doesn’t realize is, the chanting is closer to home than he would care to like. Further up the hills in the valley, Mr. and Mrs. Darby have been participating in the occult gatherings of a local pagan group. The group, The Order of the Silver Moon, welcomes all those interested in the mysteries of nature and the Goddess. What they don’t tell most participants is that the group’s leadership uses the group as a front for a more sinister cult. The Order of the Silver Moon is a way for the cult to recruit new members and lure them away from their families and previous lives to serve far greater purposes. Whom does this secret cult worship and what are their plans for the Darbys? How is Paul directly or indirectly connected to it all? Can Paul help the investigators?

Credit:, Newburyport, MA, Mystery surrounds death of woman who fell from cruise ship, 2015

d10-4 [Late 20th century, Modern] Setting sail on a cruise ship is supposed to be a magical experience, but this cruise from Tampa to various points in the Caribbean will end up a nightmare for those onboard. The investigators have booked cabins on the Haverhill and are all taking a vacation together; to get away from it all and to mentally relax. The Entertainment Director, Steve, has other plans for the guests onboard. Steve is connected to an organization based somewhere in the Caribbean. This organization needs hundreds of sacrifices to fuel their nefarious plans. Steve’s floating employer is the perfect way to provide them with the sacrifices they need. The ship will be boarded by agents of this secret organization when the ship docks in Grand Bahama. What are the organizations plans? How do they implement their plans onboard? What can the investigators do to stop them in time?

Credit: Ripples; Nigeria, Morgue employee accidentally cremated while taking deep nap, 2017

d10-5 [Any Time Period] Three days ago it was reported in the newspaper “Local Teen Girl Commits Suicide Rises from the Dead”. The police call in a favor to an old friend, one of the investigators, to assist with this bizarre case. The girl is currently being held at the Arkham Sanitarium for her own protection. Police and the girl’s family are desperate to figure out how a suicide victim, who was confirmed deceased by the coroner, can rise from the dead. Investigators must figure out what happened to her that lead to her apparent suicide and what forces were at work to raise her from the dead.

~ Modoc

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