King Arthur Pendragon RPG – The Book of Feasts is Now Available

Great news for all of you King Arthur Pendragon RPG fans. The newest supplement, The Book of Feasts, was just released! This supplement features a 46 page PDF rulebook with a deck of 154-card feast cards to spice up your feasts. I really liked the original supplement that was released in a moderately refined state by the Esoteric Order of Roleplayers podcast crew. Now its gotten the professional treatment; time to go place my order! Thanks to our regular contributor,  Stephen, for letting me know that this was released.

I would also like to point out that the digital contents not only include the PDF of the book and cards, but also high quality PNG files and smaller JPG files that are suitable for use with virtual tabletops such as Roll20.

You have a few options when purchasing this supplement.
d10-1 Digital Only (Book & Cards) for $12.99
d10-2 Physical Cards only for $24.99
d10-3 PDF & Print combo (book is PDF, cards are printed) – $24.99

Look for a proper review in the coming weeks.

~ Modoc

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