The Princess Bride RPG Live on Kickstarter

Previously I posted that Toy Vault was going to be publishing The Princess Bride Roleplaying game. Well, it’s live on Kickstarter now, but wait! As a huge fan of the movie, the Kickstarter is leaving me a little flat and uninspired.

First, it’s using the FUDGE system that was created by the designer of this game years ago. FATE is a flavor of FUDGE and more widely known. The system itself is sound, but kind of dated when compared to the newer and more popular FATE system. Second, The buy-in price point is tolerable, but the funding goal is 45K and it seems, to me, they might not garner enough interest to met the goal. Third, I just can’t imagine there is lots of replayability unless the GM is creating new content; which is a totally fine, but may not be for purist like myself. Like I said it leaves me a little uninspired. I think I will have to pass even though this my favorite movie.

What are you thoughts?

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  1. Alan says:

    It looks decidedly “meh”.

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    1. modoc31 says:


      I concur, which sucks because I love the movie and the characters.

      ~ Modoc

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  2. My feeling is that the people interested in playing a Princess Bride RPG (Me, for instance) is going to overlap significantly with people who could cobble together a decent approximation of one in Fate or FUDGE for themselves. Specifically, I think it would be weird to roll FUDGE dice (Yes, I still call them FUDGE dice, not Fate dice), without calling out Aspects. So my question for the designers would be, what is this game going to do that I couldn’t do myself? And how are they going to support a setting that is so minimal? It is really nice to see another Steffan O’ Sullivan project, and I really might back it to support him alone.

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    1. modoc31 says:

      Good points. I would imagine we, the fans, could indeed cobble something together with FATE, D20 and even hack it with Apocalypse World. Don’t get me wrong, I like Steffan’s work in the past and I am sure he’s put his heart into this one as well.

      Long term support in my opinion is questionable. Not that the company wouldn’t support it, but limited material to work with in the future for additional support products is what I’m seeing as the issue.

      Maybe Steffan will see this blog article and weigh in.

      ~ Modoc

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