First Impressions – Reign of Terror

I have spent the last week or so reading the new Reign of Terror from Chaosium. This is not a review by any stretch of the imagination, but rather a “first impressions” look at the book. NO SPOILERS, I promise.

Let me start off by saying this book has been a real pleasure to read. The scenario from beginning to end just oozes with theme and drips mythos from its pages. This scenario can be used in conjunction with the Horror on the Orient Express as it was intended to be used or it can be used as a stand alone scenario. The approach to the scenario taken by the authors is a little unique. The opening monologue is vibrant and hands down one of the best I have seen in many years. The scenario itself is a two-part  investigation that spans a five-year period of time. Starting in 1789 with part one and then moving onto 1794 during the height of the Terror.  It’s problematic for me to outline what each part is about without giving away too much. Especially because some of my players will read this. The scenario will accommodate up to six investigators who begin the game as soldiers in the French Army during the opening days of the French Revolution.

In addition to the scenario itself there are a number of additional plot hooks provided to aid keepers in using this scenario as part of a much wider French Revolution period campaign. I will be using it as a stand alone scenario at one of my local game stores as a means to both see how it plays out and as a way to introduce new players to the joys of Call of Chtulhu RPG.

The artwork throughout the book is on par with other recent Call of Cthulhu products. I will be cropping out images to use during my upcoming game. They really do give you a sense of the scene or vibe at particular points in the scenario.

My only gripe with the book as a whole is I have noticed several grammatical issues that should have been caught by the editor or proofreader. As someone who does both on the side, these issues stand out for me, but others may not notice them.

It’s a product well worth picking up. You won’t regret it!

~ Modoc

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