Once Upon A Time in Camelot to be Refunded

Overnight I received an interesting email from one of the projects I backed on Kickstarter. Well, not really backed, but rather I preordered a book through. It seems the Once Upon A Time in Camelot add-on which has seen some modest delays is now facing their license (for the IP) running out and the Nocturnal Media has made a decision to cancel this particular add-on and issue refunds. The rest of the original Kickstarter (Prince Valiant) is almost ready for shipment to backers.

For those that were interested in seeing Once Upon A Time in Camelot, a Prince Valiant variant that was a stretch goal in the Prince Valiant Kickstarter. It’s not happening. All backers who pledged for this add-on will be refunded by the Nocturnal Media. It does sadden me to learn that it will not be published, but I am glad the company has acknowledged the situation and will be issuing full refunds. Good on Nocturnal for having integrity!

Excerpt from the Kickstarter update:

Once Upon a Time in Camelot

We have an update on Once Upon a Time in Camelot.

First, very briefly: We’ll be canceling and refunding Once Upon a Time in Camelot. We’ll update you with the process on how to get that sorted next week and what that looks like.

Secondly, a more detailed explanation as to why. 

The team has been trying to find a way to produce this project, but we’ve run into a few hurdles:

  • Not enough copies were ordered to justify a large and long-term print run. This makes it hard to profitably print due to the reason below
  • Due to the delays this project has suffered, our license for the Prince Valiant IP leaves us with very little time to produce, distribute, fulfill, and support this item.

In the end, as we get closer to completion, the decision was made that when all factors were considered Once Upon a Time in Camelot had to be cut and refunded, or Nocturnal faces issues our team is not equipped to handle at this time.

As mentioned above, I was happy to learn that the original project, Prince Valiant, and the preorders for King Arthur Pendragon books that were available for preorder (and paid in advance) through the Prince Valiant Kickstarter are going to be shipped very soon. I would imagine in the next few weeks they will be going out.

I know the Nocturnal has faced some challenges in the months following Stewart’s passing, but I am glad to see they are finding solutions and ever-moving forward. I will continue to support Nocturnal Media as they continue to work through their projects.

~ Modoc

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