Patreon Launching Soon – Help Shape Our Patron Tiers


Good morning everyone! The gears that make this blog machine run are turning faster and faster as of late. We have lots of great stuff in store for the future, but we’re really excited to announce that we’re currently developing a Patreon for Rolling Boxcars. We have a vision of where we’d like to take the blog in the future and how we’d like to branch out into new and exciting areas. Patreon will allow us to move forward. We’d love some feedback from you, our readers, before we launch it later this month.

Here’s what we currently have outlined by tier. What else would you like to see? Is what we have good?  Do we need other tier options? We’re open to any and all suggestions. Think big, it might just be something we can add!

$1 “The Heckler”
– Access to the Patreon feed
– Participate in exclusive polls
– Your name emblazoned on the Patreon Supporter Page on the blog

$3 “The Cultist”
– All Heckler rewards
– Access to our Discord, Patron only channel (text)

$5 “The Adventure”
– All Heckler and Cultist rewards
– Participate in our monthly Discord audio discussion

$10 “The Investigator of the Occult”
– All previous rewards (Heckler, Cultist, and Adventurer)
– Play RPGs with us! Online Patron only RPG games

~ Modoc

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