Horrors of War: A Covenant of Death – Chaosium May Revoke License of a Failing Kickstarter

** Title updated due ambiguities **

In August of 2017, Stephen, wrote Over The Top – The Future of Horrors of War: A Covenant of Death Kickstarter which outlined the situation of this way behind Kickstarter. The other day, Chaosium posted on their site that they had been in talks with Adam Scott Glancy, the licensee, and that he had until 31 Dec 2018 to complete the kickstarter and that on that date they would revoke his Call of Cthulhu license if he failed to complete the Kickstarter. They cited excessive complaints from backers. I took a brief look at the doomed Kickstarter following Chaosium’s announcement. Adam Scott Glancy finally gave backers an update after months of radio silence. He theorized that the project will now be complete by 11 November 2018, the 100th anniversary of the armistice. With a project that is now over four-year old and has delivered nothing but radio silence, broken promises, and a few PDFs (not related to the project) to pacify backers, it’s doomed to fail.

In December of 2017, I had reached out to Adam Scott Glancy for an interview, which he readily agreed to. Stephen and I worked to develop a set of thought provoking questions that we felt both supporter and detractors would be interested in reading. We presented the document to Adam Scott Glancy and he has as of yet (May 2018) to respond to the questions or make any effort to engage with us.

My sympathies to the backers who are likely to be out the money with nothing to show for it. To be honest, there’s still a chance that he can pull this together and for the sake of backers, I hope to hell he can. It does leave me wondering if, now that he’s got a hard deadline, the end result will be a quality product or a steaming pile of shit in the backers’ hands?

Are you a backer? What are your thoughts on the situation in general?

~ Modoc

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. modoc31 says:

    For clarity sake, i have updated the title and the article to reflect that Chaosium MAY revoke the license IF Adam Scott Glancy fais to deliver by the set deadline. I miss read the original announcement.

    ~ Modoc


  2. mkgdingbat says:

    This Kickstarter is dead, with no updates since 2019, and during a video, it looks like this has become a poisoned chalice that Glancy has walked away from. Problems happen and delays are expected but Glancy has handled this really, really badly.


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