Tremulus is July’s Patrons Choice Review

Our June Patron’s Choice poll just closed out and our awesome Patrons voted for tremulus by Sean Preston. tremulus is a mythos inspired RPG that runs off the Powered by the Apocalypse game engine. Look for this review in the latter half of July.

We’re now fully into our second calendar month with our little fledgling Patreon. As we started in our pitch, we want our Patrons to be able to help shape and steer the future of Rolling Boxcars. In June we launched the Patron’s Choice poll where our Patrons will select one item for us to review the following month. This will be our monthly Patron’s Choice review.

It works like this – each month Patreon supporters at all contribution levels get to vote and will be presented with a themed poll having up to ten choices. Patrons may vote for as many of the choices as they like and the item with the highest tally will become the following month’s Patron Featured Review.

We’d love to have you as part of our Patreon family and helping to shape and steer our future! To get become a Patron is simple, just click on the “support our Work on Patreon” image below. This will take you to the Patreon page and from there you can see our pitch, review our goals, and become a supporter at whichever tier you’re comfortable with.

~ Modoc

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