Masks of Nyarlathotep is Here!


Today is the day! The PDF of Masks of Nyarlathotep for 7th Edition went on sale worldwide. As of today, you have two options to purchase the PDF bundle.

d10-1 Chaosium – For those wanting to later purchase the physical book set, this option is great. You will get a discount when purchasing the physical books later. PDF – $59.99

d10-2 DriveThruRPG – This option is great if you have no intention of buying the physical book and if you happen to have some DTRPG store credit, all the better! PDF – $59.99

This Massive PDF Package Includes:

  • Masks of Nyarlathotep Book – 666-page PDF Omnibus of both volumes
  • 6-page Keeper Screen you can print out to fit over your existing Call of Cthulhu Keeper’s Screen
  • 12-page NPC Portraits pack with 105 portraits
  • 85-page Keeper Reference Booklet
  • 96-page Handout Booklet with Maps and Pre-generated Characters
  • High-resolution images of the amazing covers by Sam Lamont and Rhys Pugh
  • 10 Pre-Generated Characters with Character and Background Sheets

~ Modoc

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