Rob Twohy’s Fantasy Grounds Coding “mods” Turn D&D 5e up to 11

Recently I purchased the ultimate license for Fantasy Grounds to run my weekly Tomb of Annihilation game. So far, after a few months, I am very impressed with the interface, but there is a little bit of a learning curve. While I do have some issues with the overall functionality of Fantasy Grounds, I find it to be a better platform than Roll20; though Roll20 does have some features I like as well. In addition to all the integrated automation for D&D 5e, I really like the add-on “coding” packages created by Rob Twohy. These add-ons take the already outstanding automation and support for D&D 5e and turn it up to 11! One of our favorite add-ons is the “Spell Effects Mod” which, when used will apply all save/failed to save effects on the target(s). The way in which it is coded, Fantasy Grounds knows how and when to apply the required effects. Thus automating more of the functionality of the spell effects and allowing us to get more gaming in. There are a wide array of add-ons created by Rob and while we haven’t used all of them, the ones we have used have made our lives easier. If you’re a fantasy Grounds users and playing D&D 5e you owe it to yourself to check out Rob’s stuff.

I purchased the following bundles but the “mods” can be purchased individually as well.

Fantasy Grounds 5e Coding Package (ITEMS)
Everything Rob Twohy 2016-2017 Bundle

Comment below with any other recommendations you might have for Fantasy Grounds add-ons for any of the available RPG systems. If you’re already using these or any of his other “mods” I would like to hear your comments. Maybe we can all learn some other tricks.

~ Modoc

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  1. rob2e says:

    ThanX for this modoc. Very cool!


    1. modoc31 says:

      Welcome. Thanks for making our lives a little easier.



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