Patron’s Choice Review for August – Top Secret: New World Order

Happy Sunday!

The July Patron’s Choice poll just closed and our awesome Patrons made their voices heard, but we ended with a tie. Tied for first place was Top Secret: New World Order by TRS, Inc. and Delta Green: Need to Know by Arc Dream Publishing. Having only so much time each month, Mrs. Modoc broke the tie by randomly selecting Top Secret: New World Order as the winner. The Patron’s Choice theme for the month of August is Spy Thrillers and Top Secret: New World Order is just that! This is a re-working of the original classic spy thriller.  Look for this review in early August. We’re shooting for the 8th. Patron supporters will be able to read the review on the 1st of August.

Our little fledgling Patreon is growing and the monthly Patron’s Choice Polls are a fun way for our supporters to give us some direction in what they want to see reviewed. Their collective voice is powerful! It works like this – each month Patreon supporters at all contributor levels get to vote and will be presented with a themed poll having up to ten choices. Patrons may vote for as many of the choices as they like and the item with the highest tally will become the following month’s Patron’s Choice Review.

We’d love to have you as part of our Patreon family! To get become a Patron is simple, just click on the “support our Work on Patreon” image below. This will take you to the Patreon page and from there you can see our pitch, review our goals, and become a supporter at whichever tier you’re comfortable with.

~ Modoc

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