2018 ENnies Voting is Open, Replete With Controversy


The ENnies are coming up and this is a great time to vote for your favorite products in each category. I voted, have you? That being said, every year the ENnies become more and more controversial. This year is no exception! Many, many folks have taken to social media in the last few days even before voting began on Monday to voice their displeasure with a variety of topics. I’m purposely not jumping into the fray on Twitter or G+, but if that is your inclination, feel free. Just know that the vitriol from both sides is over the top this year.

This year’s controversies include:
– No women nominated to be judges in 2019 and general lack of diversity
– #feminism an anthology of RPGs focused on topics of feminism was nominated in the support product category and not in a RPG system category
– The RPG company owned by a convicted murderer and arsonist has been nominated in the fan favorite category
– Products by known a harasser have been nominated in several categories

Every year there seems to be new or revived controversies that degenerate into chaos in the blink of an eye. Please if you’re contributing to the chaos, regardless of your position, maybe you should reconsider and instead promote the idea that GENCON needs to address the ENnie nomination process for all categories to include more diversity on the judges panel. Instead of adding to the vitriol which includes death threats, rape threats and all other manner of insanity. Help to be a voice for real and meaningful change.

~ Modoc

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  1. modoc31 says:

    I would like to ammend the article to say that the ENnie organizers need to step and consider some changes to ensure equity in all areas. Though I still believe GENCON has a part they could play as well since the two are so connected.

    ~ Modoc


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