Christmas in July? Maybe! Pre-GENCON New Releases


Well, it’s GENCON time and as in recent years, lots of new announcements and new things hitting the market or Kickstarter this time of year. This year is no exception. A few things of interest have come across my feeds in the last day or so. Here’s a summary of some of the cool things happening.

 Grim & Perilous Studios just released a free 12-page Quick Start Guide for their 2018 ENnie nominated game, ZWEIHÄNDER

 Zak Sabbath (Smith) has launched a pre-order page for the 2nd edition print run of his ENnie winning Maze of the Blue Medusa mega-dungeon

 Zak Sabbath (Smith) and publishing partner Mike Evans launched a Kickstarter for Demon City: The Ultimate Horror Game

 Magpie Games is launching their new Kickstarter tomorrow. Zombie World is  a PbtA-inspired, card-based tabletop RPG that’s got everything you need to play in one box

 Publisher Fabled Environments announced they’re now a licensee of the award-winning PiP System from Third Eye Games. They have released the first of many planned adventures – Operation Lightning

If you’ve heard of any noteworthy news pertaining to RPGs, boardgames, or fandom, comment below and share what you’ve learned.

~ Modoc

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