It’s Christmas in July at DTRPG – Here’s 10 Recommendos

DriveThruRPG’s Christmas in July sale is in full swing. Stephen and I thought we’d present you, our readers, with some of our recommendations that are included in this year’s sale. Stephen’s picks are some of the games on his radar to acquire during this sale and my picks will be some choices that I think would be great additions to your collections.

Stephen’s Christmas in July Picks:
Victorious the Role Playing Game – Superheroes in the Steampunk Victorian era. Uses the SIEGE engine which is compatible with other Troll Lords games. If you love of Teddy Roosevelt, superheroes, and steam-powered flying machines you’ll enjoy this game.
Mansions of Madness – Call of Cthulhu Supplement – Six chilling scenarios all centered around houses. It’s the best multi-scenario supplement from Chaosium where each scenario is a guaranteed hit.
Apes Victorious – “Take you’re stinking paws off me you damn dirty ape!” Play in the world of the Planet of the Apes. Play as a 1970’s astronaut, intelligent taking ape, degenerated human, or psi-active underdweller
OWB001: WWII: Operation WhiteBox – Play as special forces soldiers during World War II in Europe in this Swords and Wizardry compatible rpg.
Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea (Second Edition) – Sword and board against indescribable monstrosities from the minds of H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, and Clark Ashton Smith. Plays very much like 1st edition D&D but smoother. 

Modoc’s Christmas in July Picks:
ZWEIHÄNDER Grim and Perilous RPG – I’m currently reading this and really liking it!
Mouse Guard RPG 2nd Edition – I’m currently reading this one to run it. Fun looking game!
King Arthur Pendragon: Edition 5.2 – Hands down, one of my all time favorite games!
Fear Itself 2nd Edition – A wonderfully executed modern horror game system, uses the GumShoe System
The Arkham Gazette #1 – This is a fantastic Mythos infused magazine!

There you have it, ten games we either want to buy or highly recommend. Happy gaming everyone!

~ Modoc

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