New Line Editor for Pendragon and Related Titles Announced

New Line Editor for Pendragon and Related Titles Announced at Gencon

David Larkins was announced as the new line editor for Pendragon and related titles at the Pendragon Round Table panel at Gen Con 2018 on Sunday, August 5th by Greg Stafford of Chaosium and Steve Wieck of Nocturnal Media. David is best known for his long-running AP Podcast “The Esoteric Order of Roleplayers” and his more recent RPG publication Book of Feasts for Pendragon. David has also written for Prince Valiant RPG and Call of Cthulhu. This announcement comes as Greg Stafford transitions into semi-retirement, freeing him up to focus on writing and creating current projects under development.

Some of the highlights reported from the panel as reported by David Larkin on his blog:

  • Publication of Pendragon will not be returning to Chaosium as speculated earlier. It will remain as part of Nocturnal Media. Though to help increase exposure and sales Pendragon will be available through Chaosium’s web store.
  • Coming soon from Nocturnal Media, Book of Sires by Robert Schroeder for Pendragon. This 10-year project will help gamemasters generate detailed family histories for knights from any part of Arthur’s Britain. Gamemasters will now have the tools to set their campaigns outside the default Salisbury region. The book is reported to be in final layout and it’s hoped to be out by the end of the year.
  • Another book in the works for Pendragon is Book of Castles by Nick Tolimieri. This expands the rules on siege warfare and fortifications, as well as details on many of the castles of Arthur’s Britain.
  • Book of Magic by David Zeeman also for Pendragon is under development and is in line to publish after Book of Sires and Book of Castles. Book of Magic introduces magic wielding player characters into Pendragon. The book will contain extensive details on every magical item mentioned in the medieval sources, lists of pagan gods and faerie creatures.
  • Upcoming Kickstarters from Nocturnal Media, Myrmidon and farther down the line Samurai. Both titles use the King Arthur Pendragon engine similar to PaladinMyrmidon is set in the ancient Bronze Age while Samurai is set in 10th century Japan during the late Heian Period. Not much public information has been revealed about either project. I have been privy to an early draft of Samurai which is a collaboration of David Larkins and Nobuaki “Tak” Takerube. Though I’m under a gag order and can’t speak about it, I’m currently squirreling away every dime I can for when this comes to Kickstarter.

More news is sure to come in the following weeks and months. Keep a lookout here at Rolling Boxcar for updates and breaking RPG news.

~Stephen Pennisi

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