French Quarter Ghost Tour Sparks My Imagination

For the past week, I was out of town for a work conference that took me to New Orleans. What an interesting city with a vibrant present and an amazingly rich past. While there, I had the opportunity to visit the famed French Quarter; my co-worker and I also took the opportunity to do a ghost tour. That alone was worth the time and money! The tour has given me many things to think about in terms of gaming ideas. If you ever get the chance to take a ghost tour in any nearby city, do it! I love history and ghost stories and New Orleans is rich with both.

I’m always on the lookout for horror related inspirations and that ghost tour, whether or not you believe the stories, was just what my creativity needed. I suspect that some elements of the stories that were told to us that night, paired with my own research, will be present in some of the Ten Candles or other horror-based games I will run in the future.

The tour I took included the following locations:
Jackson Square [3 stories]
Old Prison [3 stories]
St Louis Cathedral (old dueling grounds are behind the cathedral) [2 stories]
St Louis Cathedral Alley [1 story]
Muriel’s (currently a restaurant) [1 story]
Andrew Jackson Hotel [1 story]
Ursuline Convent [1 story]
Lalaurie Mansion [1 story]

The featured image is the Lalaurie Mansion I took the other night while on the tour.

~ Modoc

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