Rolling Boxcars’ Fall Patreon Supporter Drive

Good morning everyone! We’re getting close to reaching our first Patreon campaign goal and we’d really love to crush this goal and move on towards our others. To do this, we’ve recently launched our Fall Patreon Supporter Drive.  With the holidays around the corner, this seemed like a great time to hold this drive. It’s through Patrons such as yourself that we’re able to grow and increase what we write about and produce. We have some great things in store for Rolling Boxcars, but we need some help. This is where you come in!  Please read below and then click on the Patron banner at the end of the article to visit and review our Patreon page.

All Patreon supporters who support before 30 October (this includes all existing supporters) will be entered into a drawing and the winner will receive their choice of one of the following PDFs (follow the links below to learn more about these awesome titles):

d10-1 Dockside Dogs scenario (Call of Cthulhu) [by Paul Fricker]
d10-2 DayTrippers Core Rules [by Tod Foley]
d10-3 Night Witches [by Jason Morningstar]
d10-4 Zweihander: Grim & Perilous RPG [by ZWEIHÄNDER Grim and Perilous RPG
d10-5 $15 Gift Certificate to

1. You must be or have been a Patreon Supporter on or before 30 October 2018.
2. $1 Patrons will receive one (1) entry, $3 Patrons will receive two (2) entries, $5 Patrons will receive three (3) entries.
3. If we reach our first goal (10 Patrons), every Patron gets a bonus entry!
4. If we reach our second goal (20 Patrons), every Patron gets two (2) additional entries (for a total of three (3) bonus entries).
5. Winner will be chosen in early November.
6. The PDF will be delivered via DriveThruRPG on or about 2 December just in time for the holidays.

We ask that everyone share this post or link to the Patreon page with your friends and social media groups that you belong to. With everyone’s help and support, we can crush these goals and bring everyone more awesome content!

Modoc & Stephen

PS. If Facebook is your thing, please join our Facebook page!

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