Come Play Games with Us – Open Call for Online RPG Gamers

This is an open call of online RPG gamers. Stephen and I are looking to add a few new folks to our pool of players for our Sunday morning role-playing games. So, if you’d like to game with us, here’s your chance.

Things to know:
d10-1 Game time is always 8-11 AM Eastern US
d10-2 We play every other Sunday morning
d10-3 We play a variety of games, but lots of Call of Cthulhu
d10-4 We’re moving to Discord for game discussion and in-game audio
d10-5 We normally use Roll20 as our virtual tabletop
d10-6 There are no costs involved with playing games with us
d10-7 We’re new player friendly and can help you get set up

Our plan is simple, increase the size of the player pool then advertise upcoming games with the number of available seats and the estimated number of sessions for that specific game on Discord.

This is where you come in, if you’re part of the player pool, you will need to be part of our Discord (free), then simple chime in with your interest to claim one of the available seats. Seats will be on first come, first served, basis.

Please understand that if you join the player pool and claim a seat, we expect you to be available for that game. We understand that life happens, please try to let us know in advance if you’re having an issue.

d10-1 Read everything above
d10-2 Join our Discord
d10-3 Then, monitor Discord for game announcements

~ Modoc

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