Arkham Gazette 4 news

This is fantastic news! The Arkham Gazette is one of my favorite Call of Cthulhu periodicals. I have never been let down by any of the previous issues and I have the same high hopes and expectations about the forthcoming issue as well.

~ Modoc

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I’ve been hoping to get issue #4 of the Arkham Gazette before the end of the year and while it will be close, I won’t let optimism override my common sense.  Nevertheless, I wanted to share an update about the status of the issue.  The big news (which I previewed to our issue #3 Kickstarter backers back on Halloween) is that we’re splitting the issue!  Both halves will cover Kingsport, but will loosely focus on a different ‘side’ of the city.  Issue #4 will be “Kingsport: Dreams”.  (And to be clear these issues and all future issues of the Gazette will be written for 7th edition CoC rules.)  Here’s the current (but not still guaranteed) table of contents:

  • Locations in Greater Kingsport – a guide to new and useful locations from Kingsport scenarios and more
  • Hooper’s Pond and the Old Brick Powder-house – Geoff Gander profiles two odd locations west…

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