Challenge Yourself With Two RPG Challenges in 2019

Do you like challenges? If so, I have two RPG challenges that I think many of you will find to be fun and challenging. Both of these challenges are hosted over at RPG Geek and for clarity sake, I am the organizer of one of the challenges.

The first challenge in the RPG Geek GMs Challenge. This challenge was designed to get all of us out of our comfort zones by running games we have never run before. This isn’t simply running scenarios using the same core rules. This is truly meant to get you to run different games. Let’s face it, we all have games on our shelves and hard drives that were purchased with the best of intentions but have yet to ever make it to the table.

The second challenge is the RPG Geek Player Challenge. This challenge is for everyone, players or game masters, to play roleplaying you’ve never played before. Get out there and try something new and different. It can be an old game, a new game, a playtest copy of a new system or even a LARP. The rules for this challenge are very liberal and designed to be very flexible.

There is some crossover between the challenges. If you’re in participating in both and run a new game, you can get credit as also having played the game. Win, win, right?

So, join me in these annual challenges over on RPG Geek. They’re fun and who knows maybe you’ll find your next favorite RPG!

~ Modoc

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