State of The Blog – The New Year Started With A Bang!

Here we are, 10 days into the new year and Rolling Boxcars is doing great, Yay us! Things are already coming together nicely and the future looks really bright for us. Here’s a quick look at what has already happened and how you can help support us as we grow and explore new things.

The year started off in high gear with us being able to purchase a camera tripod and lapel microphone for recording new video content. We’re exploring doing unboxing videos, video reviews, and some other super secret things. This purchase was made possible by our amazing Patreon supporters.

On January 2nd, we reached our second Patreon goal! Starting in February, we’ll be purchasing one new gaming product every month to review. As a perk for their support, Patreon supporters will get to vote on what we purchase and review each month.

Lastly, we became an Amazon affiliate member. This is huge for us! We now have the ability to link to products sold on Amazon and earn a little revenue for any purchases made through one of these links. While this revenue stream is going to be very small, it will help us keep the lights on and ad-free.

If you’d like to help support our growth and ability to bring you more content, please consider some of the following ways to show your support. Be part of the Boxcar Nation!

d10-1 Become a Patron through Patreon (Click the banner below)
d10-2 Use our DriveThruRPG links when purchasing digital RPG books
d10-3 Make Amazon purchases using one of our affiliate links or this link
d10-4 Share our posts on Social Media sites
d10-5 Join our Discord and be part of the growing community (link below)
d10-6 Follow us on Facebook or Twitter (links below)

~ Modoc

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