Daniel Stack Joins the Rolling Boxcars Team

Happy Sunday everyone!

I am excited to announce that our little team of writers is growing once again; please welcome Daniel Stack to the team! Dan is a veteran blogger and keeps his finger on the pulse of the gaming community. Dan’s going to be contributing in a variety of ways. First, you can expect that he will write about all things Call of Cthulhu as it’s one of his favorite games and I’m sure he’ll write about other topics as well. Second, he’s going to contribute a review or two from time to time. For years he’s been writing on a wide array of topics and maintaining his own blog, 19th Level. Having decided that a change of direction was in order, he has chosen to partner with us and we’re humbled.

Dan’s a veteran tabletop RPG gamer, game master, and an all-around creative person. He brings new perspectives and a new voice to Rolling Boxcars and we’re excited to have his creative talents with us. Dan has been gaming with Stephen for years in various online roleplaying games so, who knows maybe he’ll offer to run a game periodically on the Discord server.

You can find Dan’s entry on the About Us page and you can find Dan on Twitter

~ Modoc

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