There’s Love in the Air – The Marriage of Count Roderick [KAP]

The Marriage of Count Roderick

Author: Greg Stafford & Veli-Matti Pelkonen
Publisher: Nocturnal Media & Chaosium
Page Count: 10
Available Formats: PDF Only

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy the tabletop roleplaying game, King Arthur Pendragon. If you’re not familiar with this game, you need to acquaint yourself with it! The newest release for this roleplaying is entitled The Marriage of Count Roderick and that’s what we’re going to have a look at today.

The Marriage of Count Roderick is a multi-part scenario that is designed to be incidental episodes and not the main focus of the game year. In short, these parts are meant to be inserted before or after the main activity. It will also shed some light how marriages were typically arranged within the noble class in King Arthur Pendragon. The scenario itself is broken into four parts and is spread over four game years. Each of which is designed to be run in less than fifteen minutes.

Through the events, the booklet conveys some good information on how medieval marriages were arranged within the realm of King Arthur Pendragon. As mentioned above, there are four events that are designed to be inserted into the game as a secondary event for that particular year. By design, the events are for the years 480-483. I want to avoid spoilers so, let’s see here…

480 – A delegation is sent by Count Roderick to the Baron of Wynchback in hopes of arranging a marriage with Lady Ellen
481 – The Duke of the Marche attempts to pressure Count Roderick into marrying his daughter Lady Roslyn
482 – A delegation is sent to the Baron of Warcastle in the hopes of securing Lady Llylla’s hand in marriage
483 – King Uther will decide which of Lady Ellen’s suitors will get her hand in marriage and much more happens this year!

Aside from the four small events, the booklet provides two very short appendices. The first presents possible future events that could be used at the game master’s discretion to add that a little more depth and to carry the story of Count Roderick a little further. The second gives game masters short biographical information about Count Roderick and Sir Blains. Both are key non-player characters in the marriage of Count Roderick.

Yes, by all means, it’s worth getting. Although it is not a treatise on medieval marriage, it does, however, shed some light on the subject. I’m excited to incorporate this into a future game of King Arthur Pendragon. Why should you or I bother? It adds a little more realism to already immersive game. A game is all about the player’s experience and the story being told. In my opinion, The Marriage of Count Roderick adds to both the player experience and the story being told in a positive way.

~ Modoc

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