The Journey: Masks of Nyarlathotep Session #2

What follows is session 2 of my ongoing Masks of Nyarlathotep game that I am running for four players. Nick Jones – Investigative Reporter. Sam Switch – Mechanic (who has a deep dislike for Henry Ford), Daisy Elizabeth Tillinghast – Cat Burglar (her cover is governess/nanny), John  Bigbeautea – Occultist.


Session 2: Just before the arrival of the investigators
Close up of the board

Session 2 opens with our investigators standing in the same narrow aisle in the storeroom, where the body of Tridad Rizo lies under a 15th-century aguayo blanket. They continue to converse about her notes regarding Gaspar Figeroua. They then return to the Professors office for a short conversation about he and Ms. Rizo’s research into this lost temple up in the highlands, southeast of Lake Titicaca. Shortly thereafter the local police inspector arrived, assessed the situation and determined that the foreigners, for now, had nothing to do with the gruesome murder.

On Monday morning they met with Auguste Larkin at the appointed place and time for their trip to Puno, where they would secure pack animals for the remainder of the journey. Nick took the lead in questioning Larkin about Mendoza’s whereabouts. Larking simply explained that Mendoza had been sent ahead to arrive for the pack animals. The three-day overland drive to Puno was rather uneventful, but altitude sickness affected Nick and John.

While in Puno, Jackson Elias took the opportunity to take his new found colleagues to meet Nayra, a local woman who had been able to provide him with some detailed information pertaining to his current research project, a Peruvian death cult. On their way through Puno and then to see Nayra, the group felt like they were being followed. While meeting with Nayra, the investigators learned about more about what might be buried beneath the lost the temple and its location; which corroborates the location the Larkin believes it to be in as well. Upon leaving the hut that Nayra is taking refuge in on a floating reed island in Lack Titicaca, the investigators had to contend with 5 Khirisiri, a fat-sucking vampire. After several rounds of combat, two Khirisirs, badly wounded, escaped into the Lake and did not re-surface. John was able to decapitate one of them as well. Jackson Elias protected Nayra during the incident and seems to have easily dispatched two on his own.

The session ended at the end of the fight. Daisy and Sam are wounded but not terribly hurt. Session 3 will open with the aftermath of the fight and we’ll have to see how they want to proceed to with their journey from Puno to the lost temple.

Sam’s (Sarah) visual interpretation of a fat-sucking vampire

~ Modoc

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  1. I really need to make it to a 1 shot at your place… the props are awesome


    1. modoc31 says:

      The props are amazing!

      Let me know next time you’re headed my way. I’ll try to arrange something.

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