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I was recently listening to episode 6 of Brits on Bikes and the GM, Jimmy Sprinkles, opened the episode with a challenge of sorts. He challenged all listeners who enjoy independent podcasts to show their support for those they listen to. I wanted to reflect on this challenge, especially for those independent podcasts that I listen to regularly. Thank you, Jimmy, for helping to raise awareness of independent podcasting!

If you’re a podcast listener, you know that most are not part of some cash-infused network with over the top production values and large marketing budgets. Hell, most have no budget at all. Jimmy Sprinkles stated that most podcasters are not looking for heaps of praise, but rather a validation of the work they, their players, and their teams do to bring listeners podcasts. He’s absolutely right, we the listeners, should routinely promote, share, retweet, and validate the work these people tirelessly put into creating awesome sources of entertainment. I have dabbled with creating podcasts in the past and there is a huge amount of work that goes into it. To show them some love, I’m want to spotlight three actual play independent podcasts that I absolutely love and religiously listen to.

The Lovecraft Tapes: This Call of Cthulhu actual play podcast is near and dear to me. I got on board with their premiere episode and I have been hooked ever since. The stories are evocative, the character personalities are amazing, and it has the right bit of comedy thrown in. Over the past 73 episodes, the production value and audio quality have greatly increased. Jeremy, Bryan, Matt, and Gabe put their heart and soul into this podcast and it shows!

Kids on Bikes: This actual play podcast was my first real introduction to the Kids on Bikes roleplaying game and it is the reason I now very much enjoy this game and their podcast. The character personalities are awesome! This 1960s take on this game provides for some really interesting escapades. Mike’s Bikes and Jake’s Shakes will be names that will be forever etched in my mind. Oh, “and it’s Mary!” If you don’t know what I’m referring to, go listen to the podcast.

Brits on Bikes: This actual play podcast features Kids on Bikes as well, but with a distinctly British bent to the story. Brits on Bikes has an absolutely different tone and presentation from the Kids on Bikes podcast. It features a cast of only two players and they do an amazing job! Jimmy, Eve, and Kat come together and provide a great listening experience that is uniquely refreshing. They’re only 9 episode in and at about one hour in length, you can easily get up to speed.

These podcasts and so many more are worth your time to listen to. I’m signal boosting Jimmy’s challenge to show your support for your favorite independent podcasts. It can be as simple as tagging them on the socials, blogging about them to increase awareness of their existence, or help financially support them on Patreon.

Now, go and show your support for your favorite in whatever way works for you!

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~ Modoc

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