Support Independent Podcasts (Part II)

There are so many great podcasts out there to listen too. I’d like to bring to your attention three podcasts that deserve some extra praise. These creators produce these podcasts for our enjoyment out of love for the subjects they cover. Most of them working with shoe-string budgets if any at all. These are a labor of love. It’s our time now to return the love.

TTTerragard Tales Podcast: D.S. Tierney chronicles the personal tales of the many personalities living in the world of Terragard in this epic fantasy story podcast. It’s a beautiful voice acted by D.S. Tierney and enhanced with sound effects; each episode features high-quality content, sound, and production values. Only one complete tale has been told, six 30 minute episodes, with the second one in progress. I highly encourage anyone who enjoys listening to great fantasy audio stories to give this a try. D.S. Tierney’s writing is phenomenal.

RevolutionsRevolutions Podcast: Grab your pitchfork and rise up with the Revolutions Podcast by Mike Duncan. This history podcast systematically evaluates the events leading up to and through all the great revolutions that help shape the world. Starting with the British Revolution, Mike Duncan has covered the American, French, Haitian, Spanish, Mexican, and he’s about to launch into the Russian Revolution. Each high-quality audio episode runs about 30-40 minutes. Absolutely the best and in-depth podcast on the subject.

TEOREsoteric Order of Roleplayers: The Great Pendragon Campaign, Horror on the Orient Express, and their many duet series of Vampire: The Masquerade actual play recordings make up only part of the reason that I wish to draw your attention to this podcast. The Esoteric Order of Roleplayers is more than just the games they play. It’s an intimate audio invitation to their table, allowing the listeners to feel like they are sitting quietly among them. Episodes are mostly unedited and quite lengthy but give listeners the sense that they are sitting amongst friends. Each game session is run by patriarch David Larkins or fellow order member is beautifully told and engaging. This is my all-time favorite AP to listen to no matter what is being played at the table.

Please support independent Podcasts in whatever way you can. A great way of helping is by leaving a review on the listening platform that hosts the show(s). Promote your favorite Podcasts through social media or share it with a friend. You can support financially through Patreon or other services to help offset some of the costs of running their shows. Please aid in elevating your favorite podcast so they can continue to produce new content for us to enjoy.

~Stephen Pennisi

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