Mysterious Monday – 5 Plot Hooks for Your Next Game

I have decided the time was right for another of my very infrequent installment of Mysterious Monday. Over the past several years I have published these infrequent installments of short story seeds, often at times creepy, for you to use as you see fit. If you enjoy reading these or put any of them to use in your own game, please let me know. The more feedback I get, the more likely I am to publish them more frequently.

In this installment, Stephen has contributed a few seeds for your enjoyment as well.

[Horror] Arnold Baxter and his wife, Sheila, have been collecting dolls from around the world for nearly fifty years now. They have their dolls on display in their home museum which they open to the public three days a week (Fri-Sun). Sheila recently acquired a collection of early German and French dolls dating to the 1850s. Three days after unpacking, cataloging and displaying the dolls, Sheila was found unresponsive on the floor. Try as he might, Arnold was unable and unwilling to save her. Her face was severely discolored and veins normally unseen were quite defined and swollen. In her hand was a delicate J. Adler & Co. paper mache doll. Did his wife die of natural causes or is there something more sinister going with this new shipment of dolls.

[Horror or Fantasy] A mysterious blue bottle, as blue as the sky, of unknown providence has garnered the attention of mankind throughout the ages. Its first appearance in recorded history is questionable. Vague references of it appear in some of the oldest surviving tomes with numerous recording of the blue bottle being discovered and lost just as quickly as it’s found. Those who have come in possession of it have never revealed the secrets contained within. Legends say the blue bottle is not of earthly origins and its liquid contents are magical in nature. The blue bottle, of course, has a curse upon it that has never been recorded. When the bottle is located, the possessor is overcome with the desire to hide their find from others and consume its contents in private. Uncorking the bottle and bringing it to one’s lips quickly consumes the drinker’s souls, killing them instantly. Their lifeless form slowly melts and vanishes away like steam, leaving small crystals behind in the victims’ abandoned coverings. Is the bottle alive, a form of a vampire or a chaos object of Nyarlathotep?
*Inspired by the Ray Bradberry short story “The Blue Bottle”*

[Modern Espionage] In a laboratory within the borders of [insert nation] the renowned weapon specialist [insert name] has invented the ultimate weapon to cripple any foe. The weapon is in the early stages of design but it will instantly turn steel to rust. With some minor modification, it can also corrode other metals like brass and aluminum. The device is limited in range and must be close to the object to reduce it to rust. Any nation who can further develop and successfully deploy this weapon in battle could cripple the opposing side. Are the PC’s try to steal this new technology or stop it from being used?
*Inspired by the Ray Bradbury short story “A Piece of Wood”*

[Modern Vampire Horror] An influential vampire family has control over [insert district] in [insert city] and under their control, this portion of the city thrives. The thriving businesses and tourist dollars come with a price tag attached. The family feeds on the tourists without killing too many of them. The few deaths aside, the family enforces its demanding laws on the humans, vampires and the local coven of witches with an iron fist. Tensions are growing between these factions; the vampires have forbidden the use of magic by the witches. This is causing tension, but why? The humans who know about vampires and tolerate them are struggling to keep some semblance of peace and harmony. What could cause a rift that threatens to ruin [insert district name]?
*Inspired by the Netflix series, The Originals*

[Horror, Any Time Period] Death stalks the streets! No one is safe; men, women, and even the occasional child is murdered. For the last two weeks, a murderer, neigh a serial killer, has been on the loose in [insert town/city name]. Everything took a turn for the worse last night. Sister Margret’s orphanage was brutally attacked last night. The end result was the death of two Sisters and fifteen children. All were savagely cut down by an ax (found at the scene). The authorities have found clues that indicate the murder(s) were looking for something in the orphanage. They also believe that all the previous murder victims are connected to the orphanage in some way. Can the PCs find help? Can they find the connection and learn what the murderers are looking for and why?

If you’re looking for some NPC or character images, have a look at Investigator Images: A Curated List of Yearbooks For Call of Cthulhu

~ Modoc and Stephen

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  1. Not too shabby, the doll, the vampire and the serial killer intrigued me. As for the espionage and blue vial… they felt wrong. I think the spy one inherently needs the weapon fleshed out… its integral to the story.


  2. As for the vial, it seems to need an understanding of how it’s been carried through time. After eating souls, then what? The vial is found sealed near the body? But no curse is ever been whispered about?


    1. modoc31 says:

      Keep in mind that these are seeds for GMs take and develop further in whatever way may work best for them. If we were to fully flesh out these seeds, we might as well compile and publish them.

      ~ Modoc

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, I know, these two just felt disconnected


  3. modoc31 says:

    I’m not disagreeing with you 😁. It does however allow the GM to shape it into whatever it is they need or want out of it.


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