Support Independent Podcasts (Part III)

Back in May, I wrote a short article about supporting small independent podcasts — Support Independent Podcasts; this is a follow-up article. We received tons of shares and likes on various social media platforms and we’re really humbled by that, keep doing it, we love it! But that’s not the point of this article, I wanted to highlight three more independent podcasts that I personally enjoy and would love to see more folks showing them some love and support.

A quick reminder that many podcasters create episode after episode because they love what they do and most operate on little to no budget, save what they pay out of pocket. Therefore, if you find an indie podcast you absolutely love, support them in whatever ways you can!

The OrphansThe Orphans is a cinematic audio drama chronicling the castaways of the downed starship, The Venture. This ongoing podcast is amazing. The cast does a fantastic job of grabbing the listener and sucking them into the immersive story and soundscape they have woven together. I’m a huge fan of audio/radio dramas and this one quickly climbed the ladder as one of my favorites. If you enjoy audio dramas, this one well worth checking out. They are currently in the third chapter so, if you hurry up and binge listen, you’ll get caught up in no time!

Twelve-Sided Stories – This is an actual play podcast series that has a great vibe and cast. Their primary story arc is a Gas Light era Call of Cthulhu story entitled Otherworld London. The story follows the happenings of four Victorian-era women and their topsy turvy adventures into the unknown. They are currently in chapter 2 of the story; each chapter is 12 episodes. It’s a very compelling story and the post-production work is very professional. West Otis, the GM and producer, is a professional sound designer, having worked in television and film. In between chapters one and two of the Otherworld London, they did a 12 episode Sci-Fi story using Fate Core. All-in-all, this is one heck of a podcast!

The Gauntlet – This podcast is an ultra-inclusive roleplaying oriented show. Every episode covers a wide range of topics and almost always features one, if not multiple, roleplaying games. Many from creators from marginalized communities. If you’re looking for “talk show” type podcast that is roleplaying gaming-centric, this one podcast worth checking out. Jason Cordova and his team do a wonderful job bringing really cool topics to the forefront for candid discussions. They are also a huge advocate for indie roleplaying games and those that create them. I have been listening to this podcast since nearly the first episode and I have learned much about indie games, awesome creators, and how to make my gaming space safer and more inclusive.

Let me close this article with a simple plea. Show your support in whatever way you can. A great way for you to help your favorite podcasts is by leaving a review on the listening platform that hosts the show(s). Also, some podcasts have Patreons set up to help pay offset some of the costs of running their shows.

~ Modoc

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