Summer Doldrums Lead to Renewal

This summer as a been a wild and crazy ride for me personally. It has been a struggle to get my scheduled games to the table due in part to my personal travel for work and to get my son ready to go off to college this month. I have traveled all over the eastern half of the US, but the upside is that I have gotten to visit with gamer friends where ever I went. Some were blog followers, old convention friends, and even a childhood friend who is also a gamer. That is my silver lining in all of the travel and canceled games I have had to inflict on my players.

I have decided that this fall I will initiate a reset in my gaming plans so that I not over-committing myself where games are concerned. Let’s face it life will always interfere with our hobbies. My thought is to keep my Call of Chtulhu: Mask of Nyarlathotep game going, but beyond that, I will look to focus on simpler games with smaller rulebooks that can be played in one to three sessions. This re-focus on shorter games will also better enable me to review more games for all of you. Not to mention some of these will be run on the Rolling Boxcars Discord server for our fans. Therefore, I call that a win-win situation for everybody.

Here’s where you come in, what game(s) would you recommend?

  1. They need to have short rule books (<100 pages)
  2. Easily adaptable to online
  3. Intuitive mechanics

On a related note, if you’re not part of Discord, head on over and be part of the conversation and I will see you at the virtual gaming table.

~ Modoc01

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