The Stars Were Right at the 2019 ENnies

It’s been an interesting run for Chaosium over the past few years. In 2015, the company was struggling to deliver on its Kickstarter commitments when the Old Ones returned, Sandy Petersen and Greg Stafford, and bringing with them the Moon Design Publications team. They managed to deliver on their Kickstarter commitments and since then have treaded rather lightly on the Kickstarter front, using it for reprinting the classic RuneQuest game as well as the Miskatonic University: The Restricted Collection boardgame.

In 2019 Chaosium and its licensees were nominated in the following categories with the indicated results:

Chaosium’s licensees also cleaned up this year:

Additionally, Chaosium was the winner for the wide-open FAN’S CHOICE – BEST PUBLISHER award. While Pelgrane Press’ rather awesome Hideous Creatures did not place, they did have some consolation in The Fall of Delta Green winning the Gold for BEST SETTING. The Fall of Delta Green adapts Arc Dream Publishing’s Delta Green RPG to the Gumshoe-system and even for non-Gumshoe fans, is a great 1960s Cthulhu supplement. Delta Green itself used to be a Chaosium-licensed product but the new RPG from Arc Dream forked off its own set of rules and is not a licensed product.

I have most of the products listed and of those I have, I can attest the awards were well-deserved. It’s interesting to see how the ENnies have evolved. Initially, almost all the winners were products for D&D or its variants. D&D and its family are still represented, but there has definitely been a shift in recent years. As a person whose favorite game is Call of Cthulhu and its variants, I’m overjoyed to see such success, as it will hopefully translate into more sales and in turn result in more of those products. And RuneQuest managed to get some love as well – while my own preferences go more towards Cthulhu, it’s a fine game with gorgeous art.  The Glorantha Sourcebook goes a long way towards lessening the intimidation a Glorantha-novice like myself feels with that world.

While I hope Chaosium continues its run, I’m also hoping next year gives R. Talsorian some love with a new Cyberpunk game due out in 2020.

~ Dan Stack

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