Take A Look – We’ve Revamped Our Patreon

Good morning Boxcar Nation,

Chateau Modoc came through Hurricane Dorian unscathed as far as I can tell. A full assessment will be done today. I sincerely hope that all readers in the path of this storm have come through unscathed. While I was cooped up in the house and the wind was blowing at 60+ miles per hour I took the liberty to update the Patreon page and I’d like to let you know what those changes are.

First, we have changed from a Patron-based goal structure to dollar-based structure in an effort to be more transparent. Second, we have added three new goals (see below) and have several others in development. We’re excited to get to these new goals and with your help, we can get there.

New Goals:

  • $40 –  Video interview series re-aligned to this dollar amount.
  • $60 –  We’ll record a monthly highlights video. The video will summarize the previous month’s articles, reviews and give a little insight into the month ahead. We’ll also include a public thank you to all of our Patrons.
  • $80 – We’ll hire a freelance audio professional to record intros, bumpers, and outros for our future podcast.
  • $100 –   We’ll begin recording our very own podcast.

Sneak Peek: Goals in Development:

  • Article series highlighting our top games/products in a wide array of categories (suggested by a Patron!)
  • Commissioning art for the podcast

Other Recent Changes:

  • We enabled Discord for all tiers recently.
    • We created a Patreon Supporters only text channel
  • We updated the color scheme for those that might care.

Happy Gaming,

~ Modoc

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