News Desk: Under Hollow Hills Live on Kickstarter


This came across our Twitter feed the other day and we wanted to make sure you were aware of its existence. I’m talking about Under Hollow Hills, the newest game from the minds of Vincent and Meguey Baker.

You are its performers, its ringmaster, its clowns, its sideshow, its stars. You’re its crew, rigging the tents, mending the costumes, planning the show, selling t-shirts and popcorn. You’re fairy kind and human kind. You’re the circus, and the circus is you.

The circus is a leveler of all. You’re not subject to the usual games of status and wealth, hierarchy and social value, that society plays. To you a human child’s birthday party in a vacant lot is the same as a command performance for the great Crowned Heads of fairyland. (And more like stuffed heads, saith the Hob.)

You travel through fairyland and the mortal world, performing as you choose. Wherever you perform, you change: you change the seasons, you change the fortunes of those you perform for, you change their hearts. You change yourselves. This is the game: we change.

The Baker clan has published a number of titles in the past and they have all been well met by gamers the world over, he’s a chance to get in on something new and unique but also powered by their tried and true Apocalypse World game engine.

~ Modoc

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