News Desk: Haunted West is Live on Kickstarter

One of our Facebook followers informed us that Chris Spivey’s Darker Hue Studios just launched their latest project, Haunted West. I’m personally a huge fan of Darker Hue Studios work. Their previously successful and award-winning book, Harlem Unbound for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game is absolutely amazing! Head on over and see what this new project is all about.

Haunted West, A Historical-Fiction, Weird-Western, Spaghetti-Action Game.
This is a game about hope through struggle. It is a game that pieces together the stories of the largely forgotten people of the Old West, the people who have been whitewashed by history. Discover the American experience in the Weird West.

Grab your rifle, jet pack, and spurs to battle traitorous rebels in the defense of freedom, join the fight against temporally displaced dinosaurs, rustle cattle to make ends meet, and hijack a train full of illicit Confederate gold!

I hope you’ve got the grit and gumption to see this through.

Head ’em up. Move ’em out.

~ Modoc

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