Support Independent Podcasts (Part V)

There are so many great podcasts out there to listen too. I’d like to bring to your attention three podcasts that deserve extra praise. The creators of these podcasts produce them for our enjoyment out of love for the subjects they cover. Most of them working with shoe-string budgets if any at all. These are a labor of love. It’s our time now to return the love.

The three I’m highlighting all are produced by Wild Games Productions, which is headed by DM Vincent one of the hosts for Roll for Initiative. The three discussion podcasts cover the incarnations of Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying game starting with the original version all the way through to the 2nd edition. With all three produced under the same group each of the podcasts below feature high-quality audio production values, show structures, and content.

SaveSave or Die Podcast began in the summer of 2010 and continues today. Over those nine years, hosts have come and gone but the shows focus on all things related to Original and Basic D&D has not wavered. Episodes consist of discussions, interviews, and reviews covering products from that era as well as modern OSR products. If it came in a box (or not) they covered it.

RFIRoll for Initiative Podcast ended production in the summer of 2019 after a ten-year run. Gone but not forgotten Roll for Initiative Podcast was your one-stop shop for everything Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Beginning in the Fall of 2009 the hosts of Roll for Initiative Podcast covered the various rules, supplements, personalities, and history of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. 

Thac0Thac0’s Hammer has taken AD&D to the second power since the winter of 2011 and continue to bring the hammer down to this day. The long-standing hosts cover all that is Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd edition. With the number of splatbooks produced by TSR in this era, one wonders if the host will ever run out of material to cover. Just like their sister podcasts, they cover the various rules, supplements, and also provide inspiration and ideas to use in your AD&D 2nd edition game. 

Please support independent Podcast in whatever way you can. A great way of helping is by leaving a review on the listening platform that hosts the show(s). Promote your favorite Podcasts through social media or share it with a friend. You can support financially through Patreon or other services to help offset some of the costs of running their shows. Please aid in elevating your favorite podcast so they can continue to produce new content for everyone to enjoy.

~Stephen Pennisi

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