News Desk: Gamesfest UK Receiving Negative Press Over Bigoted Comments

Following some horrendously bigoted and racist-leaning comments by Gamesfest UK over the last several days on Twitter and their Facebook page has been receiving quite a lot of negative press. Several things have happened in the last 24 hours.

Today, Asmodee UK has parted ways from Gamesfest UK. According to Gamesfest UK’s Facebook page, the event organizer stated: “Asmodee no longer attend our events and we do not associate with them in anyway.” We take this as confirmation that Asmodee UK has indeed severed any relationship they had with Gamesfest UK.

The Organization’s owner, using the convention’s official Twitter account, which has since been removed, had been posting disparaging comments about Darker Hue Studios’ new Kickstarter, Haunted West. Haunted West gives voices to People of Color in the Wild West, the forgotten. It would seem that Gamesfest UK would have preferred the game to be more focused on Whites of European descent.

At some point earlier today, the scheduled event on Gamesfest UK’s Facebook page was also removed. We have not been able to confirm if the location of the November event broke ties with them or not. Several folks had previously stated on Twitter that they were going to contact the event location to make them aware of Gamesfest UK’s bigoted position.

While you can make up your mind about being associated with Gamesfest UK or not, I have ensured the Rolling Boxcar Twitter and Facebook accounts are not following them on those platforms. I would just ask each of you to consider if you should follow or engage with someone or an organization that injects bigoted and racist-leaning ideology into our hobby.

~ Modoc

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  1. modoc31 says:

    It would appear their Facebook page has either been willingly shuttered or removed by Facebook as of 6:20 PM on 1 October 2019.


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