News Desk: Wendy’s Releases Tabletop RPG

I saw hints of this on Twitter over the last 36 hours, but today it becomes a reality! I am not sure what to think about this just yet. I have downloaded the free PDF and I’m skimming it over as we speak. Here’s the site’s synopsis of Feast of Legends

“The nation of Freshtovia has been the lone beacon of hope in the land of Beef’s Keep for decades. However, the Ice Jester and his rogues gallery of frozen fiends threaten Queen Wendy’s reign of prosperity. Prepare your heroes for adventure.”

Do you want to fight the dark art of frozen beef? If you do, that’s what you get with this game! The game is obviously centered around a story pertaining to Wendy’s and characters will belong to several different “orders”. Everything is gimmicky as you imagine. There are no author credits in the book and I am not personally familiar with the game engine used. Go have a look for yourself and you be the judge. I am not passing judgment just yet, but…

~ Modoc

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