News Desk: Civilized – A New Unique Audio Fiction Podcasting is Coming

We just received the following communique from the “Civilized” podcast. This looks to be really interesting!

~ Modoc

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You’ve got interstellar mail.

Award-winning producers select AWeber and launch a choose-your-own-adventure-style audio fiction story using email.

HAMILTON, ON – The Hamilton-based power team of Eli McIlveen and Sean Howard announce the launch of an interactive experience that tells the back story to their acclaimed dark sci-fi comedy podcast, Civilized. For the first time, fans of the show can become a part of the story and learn about the crew’s first alien contact during their fateful voyage.

“The audience plays the role of an alien whose remote spore has initiated first contact with the crew,” explains Eli. “Every morning, our fans will receive an interstellar email with a new audio file and a new choice to make. Their choices will lead them to a unique two-part ending. There are eight dramatic endings to be explored.”

“Choosing to work with AWeber was a no-brainer,” says Sean. “Their platform allowed us to weave 23 fully-produced minisodes into an amazing interactive experience.”

Anyone can participate, starting on October 16, by visiting:

Civilized is a dark comedy and content warnings are given on the above landing page as the show explores horror and other genres within a comedy context.

The core cast is made up of seasoned performers from the Greater Toronto and Hamilton improv scene, including Sean Howard, Kristi Boulton, Michael Divinski, Mbula Enobong and Phil Johnston.

Civilized is a completely improvised dark comedy sci-fi podcast. It is the latest audio fiction comedy from Fable and Folly Productions, whose other award-winning shows include Alba Salix, Royal Physician; The Axe & Crown and the improvised live-play roleplaying game The End of Time and Other Bothers. Civilized can be heard at, as well as on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and anywhere podcasts are found.

Sean Howard

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