News Desk: 5e Player Screen – For New and Neurodiverse Players

Overnight, we received the following press release from Shaun Sunday. He’s launching an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign this coming weekend. This 5e player’s screen looks interesting. Take a look at the freely available black and white version. The crowdfunding campaign is to fund the latest version full-color version.

~ Modoc

Shaun Sunday – Artist
Shaun Sunday

For Immediate Release

A Player Aid for New and Neurodiverse Players

Dateline: Brisbane, Queensland, 21st October 2019 —
This is the crowdfunding campaign to fund production of a new player aid for inexperienced and Neurodivergent players to help them have more fun during their game by taking a lot of the stress out of remembering the rules.

Funding on Indiegogo for 30 days from the 26th October 2019, with a goal of $3900.
The screen is designed and illustrated by Shaun Sunday for use with 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons.
The 5e Player Screen was born of necessity.

As a new player, DM and a Neurodivergent player – I struggle to remember all the finer details of the game, and from both sides of the DM screen it makes life easier if everyone can see the rules quickly and easily – no flipping through a bulky Player Handbook!

I found that Cheat Sheets got forgotten, or lost among the chaos of the gaming table, and went unused – leaving “Can I do this, How does this work, Oh man am I dead?” to be common utterances at the table.
And so, the Player Screen was born.

For this first version of the Player Screen I went with the most important and universally relevant information regardless of Race or Class.

The Shrouded Crypt: A Spooky One-Shot Adventure! To celebrate all this, I teamed up with Nadia from Go Play Brisbane and Shared Sagas Podcast to create an Indiegogo EXCLUSIVE adventure centered around my spooky set of Paper Minis and a basic plotline that we put our heads together on, that she turned into an INCREDIBLE adventure that all backer get a digital copy of the module.

All backers get a copy of the adventure AND the minis!

The campaign will be live at

There is a free Black and White version available on Gumroad

Shaun Sunday is an independent Illustrator and Game designer specializing in comic art, paper minis and ttrpg accessories. Currently developing two tabletop games – Squirrel Wars! and Duelin’ Dungeons.

Back the campaign NOW!

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