Dark Ages — Terragard Fantasy Novel Review

Dark Ages

Author: D.S. Tierney
Cover: Warmics
Pages: 370
Amazon: Paperback $14.99 or Kindle $9.99

From the author and creator of the bi-weekly audio drama Terragard Tales: A Fantasy Story Podcast comes the first novel set in the world of Terragard—Dark Ages. Terragard is a medieval fantasy setting filled with magic, mythic tales, rival houses, wondrous objects, deadly creatures, interceding gods, and more. It’s the perfect playground for a tale about a thief looking to earn a pocket full of coins.

The story begins in a tavern where all good tales begin. Our protagonist, Grint, a red-haired thief and adopted son of Hobbes—the God of Thieves, agrees to a lucrative job to fill his purse with wealth. Grint is a clever and resourceful thief with a knack for anticipating dangerous situations. He’s always managed to get in front of them and comes out on top. He’s loyal to his friends and is superstitious when it comes to the dead. Whether he steals for profit or fun, his mastery of the arts is unmatched thanks to Hobbes’s training and insightful wisdom.

In the story, trouble finds Grint when a necromancer by the name of Eleanor, a servant of Count Danghier, a powerful lord in the land, hires him to steal an urn from the most thief-proof city in all the land. A city where no thief has been successful and lived to enjoy their spoils. Eleanor agrees to pay Grint handsomely but he isn’t dumb. He knows the task at hand is not as easy as presented by Eleanor. The thief will need all the wisdom he has learned from the God of Thieves to pull off the greatest heist Terragard has ever seen. A heist he should have walked away from.

I’ve been a big fan of the podcast since first discovering it. D.S. Tierney’s style of storytelling and voicing have made it a favorite of mine to listen to. When I found out that he had a novel in the works, I made sure I’d be one of the first in line to read it. I had no doubt that the narrative and writing style would be of the same high-quality that I’ve come to love in the podcast, and it is. D.S. Tierney’s storytelling continues on the printed page and even his voice narrates in my mind as I read. The story is filled with excitement and compelling action. D.S. Tierney’s deep descriptive narration immerses the reader into the surroundings and the action of the characters at hand. Various twists and turns in the story keep readers guessing. It’s a great read and I fully encourage others to read it. If you find yourself on the fence, listen to a couple of episodes of the Terragard Tales Podcast to get a feel of D.S. Tierney’s writing style. 

The first season of Terragard Tales Podcast is complete and a second one is in the works. There are also plans for a second novel, as teased at the back of Dark Ages, titled All The Gold, which should see the return of Grint. Dark Ages is available for purchase on Amazon in print and on kindle and Terragard Tales: A Fantasy Story Podcast can be found on iTunes and other podcast distribution outlets. Please help and support D.S. Tierney, an up and coming fantasy author, by reading Dark Ages or listening to his story podcast, Terragard Tales.

~Stephen Pennisi

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