News Desk: Sons of the Singularity to Launch Camlann Chronicles Kickstarter

Are you familiar with the Sons of the Singularity, LLC.? Maybe from our recent review of their Call of Cthulhu and Trail of Cthulhu supplement – The Sassoon Files (An attempt to Destroy the Truth; The Sassoon Files Review)?  How about their most recent 5e supplement, Rational Magic?  If you’re not familiar with this small publishing company, you need to get acquainted with their work.

On 22 February they will be launching a new Kickstarter campaign for a new 5e supplement, The Camlann Chronicles. We got a sneak peek (and you can too) at the Kickstarter page and grabbed the description below.

The Camlann Chronicles weaves together Arthurian legends and fantasy RPG tropes. Fledgling kingdoms, including the likes of Gwynedd, Rheged and Dyfed, fight amongst themselves for control of the mythic British Isle. The nobility of these fledgling kingdoms share the common dream of a united realm; though they are unwilling to bend their own knee.

In this campaign, the struggle to unite the kingdoms of the British isle is primarily a fight between two human kingdoms, Gwynedd, in the South, and Moray, in the North. Gwynedd is the kingdom ruled by the hand of the righteous King Aeden; it is backed by the Fey, or Elves of Avalon. Moray is a Pictish kingdom ruled by the battle-hardened King Ungus, and backed by the Seelie, the exiled elves who were wrongfully cast into the darkness of Underearth by the Fey. If the Fey and their allies are champions of chivalry and the light, then the Seelie and their allies are believers of liberation theology and are quite comfortable lurking in the dark.

If this sounds interesting to you, head over to their website to learn more and stay up to date about this project.

~ Modoc

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