For Your Listening Pleasure: Making Your Skin Crawl

Welcome and step right in. This is the second article in our “For Your Listening Pleasure” series that highlights and showcases some of my favorite podcasts and radio dramas. Admittedly, I lean a little heavily toward radio dramas, but I hope you won’t hold that against me. So, sit back, stay a while and maybe you’ll find something new for your listening pleasure.

This month I would like to bring your attention to two podcasts that were recommended to me as a result of our first article—For Your Listening Pleasure: Radio Dramas to Stimulate the Mind. I would like to thank Eli Arndt for his recommendation of “The White Vault” and C. Patrick Daily for his recommendation of “The Magnus Archives”

The White Vault – This is the newest radio drama that has graced my ears. It began in 2017 and continues as of March 2020. So far, this is a fantastic radio drama that quickly grabbed me and sucked me in! The White Vault is a horror drama highlighting the written records of a repair crew on a remote arctic outpost. What sets it apart from others is its found-footage style presentation and its serial nature. Created by K.A. Statz, it features an international cast and crew. If you’re going to get into this one, you’ll need to start at the beginning, but it’s worth it! The production quality of this podcast is top-notch and highly immersive.

The Magnus Archives – This is not a radio drama per se, but it has the trappings that closely fits into that genre. Head archivist Jonathan Sims of the Magnus Institute digs deep into the organization’s library, converting supernatural statements into audio form and supplementing them with the help of his small but dedicated team. The stories are great and have me wanting more. I am nearly done with the first season and always hoping to sneak in more listening time. The Magnus Archives is a horror fiction podcast written by Jonathan Sims, directed by Alexander J. Newall, and produced by Rusty Quill. The production quality is high, but as this is not a radio drama in the classic sense, it is not immersive to the same degree. Please don’t let that fool you. This is a finely produced podcast that is engaging and will suck you in.

Finally, both podcasts have been added to our collection of curated Podcasts We Love and we encourage you to have a look; there’s more than just radio dramas.

~ Modoc

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