For Your Listening Pleasure: Stories for Our Dark Times

Welcome and step right in. This is the third article in our “For Your Listening Pleasure” series that highlights and showcases some of my favorite podcasts and radio dramas. Admittedly, I lean a little heavily toward radio dramas, but I hope you won’t hold that against me. So, sit back, stay a while, and maybe you’ll find something new for your listening pleasure.

This month I would like to bring your attention to two podcasts that were recommended to me as a result of our latest article For Your Listening Pleasure: Making Your Skin Crawl. I would like to thank C. Patrick Daily again for his recommendations, this time for “Archive 81”.

Archive 81 – Currently in its third season, this found footage serial podcast will either drive you crazy or make your skin crawl. It’s an exploration of rituals, stories, and sounds blended into a fantastic presentation that will pull you in and have you wanting more. We, the listeners, get to explore the very limited world of Dan, the main character, through a series of audio recordings released by his friend after his disappearance. Through Dan, we also get to explore the Visser building through the archival recordings of Melanie Pendras. Multiple woven narratives build complex stories within stories that are riveting, engaging, and have a surprising level of depth. The recording quality of the Archive 81 is on par with big productions such as those of BBC4.

Levar Burton Reads – This podcast is from none other than the man himself, Levar Burton. In every episode, host LeVar Burton invites listeners to take a break from their daily life and to journey with him as he narrates a handpicked work of short fiction. Each episode is a beautiful blend of soundscapes and Burton’s amazing voice that brings listeners along for a wonderful ride into stories written by Neil Gaiman, Haruki Murakami, Octavia Butler, Ray Bradbury, N. K. Jemisin, and more. Think of it as “Reading Rainbow” for adults.

Finally, both podcasts have been added to our collection of curated Podcasts We Love, and we encourage you to have a look; there’s more than just radio dramas.

~ Modoc

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