News Desk: Journal d’Indochine Coming to Kickstarter

We have received the following notification from our friends at the Sons of the Singularity. We were huge fans of their previous Call of Cthulhu supplement – The Sassoon Files – we expect this new supplement to be of the same high quality. If you’d like to get a sense of what you can expect from the creative team at the Sons of the Singularity, please check out our review of The Sassoon Files – An attempt to Destroy the Truth – The Sassoon Files Review

~ Modoc

Sons of the Singularity is announcing a planned Kickstarter for a new book: Journal d’Indochine.  This is the second of our Asian Horror series, following The Sassoon Files. The Kickstarter will start on June 20th, 2020.

Journal d’Indochine is a set of scenarios and campaign resources for the Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition roleplaying game set in French colonial Vietnam (~1925 to 1955); a land in turmoil as Vietnamese partisans resist French colonial oppressors and Japanese invaders.

The first half of the 21st century was a time of chaos and political ferment in French Indochina. As foreign imperialists struggled to maintain their precarious grip on the region, the people of the land worked to overthrow their tormentors. Radical religious movements like the Cao Dai sprung up to spread the blessings of a strange and unfathomable God. Hòa Hảo Buddhist militias supported the prophesy of the return of a king. Binh Xuyen gangsters schemed to gain territory for their criminal enterprises. All the while student revolutionaries preached new, secular philosophies that promised utopia for the downtrodden workers.

While the world seethed with conflict and change, hidden entities from far off in time and space have taken root in the jungles, gained foot holds on the beaches and found supplicants in the cities of Indochine. Some of these entities offer the temptation of enlightenment and power to those who could unlock their eldritch secrets. While some of these entities simply desire some grub after a long hibernation.

 Journal d’Indochine covers a region and time period that has rarely been covered in the RPG world. It is designed to help the Keeper and players quickly get up to speed on French Indochina’s history, settings, themes, and factions. Journal d’Indochine will include vital information on the region, as well as numerous “Lore Sheet” handouts.

The creators of Journal d’Indochine have spent many years in Asia and have firsthand knowledge of the locations featured. We have also hired Vietnamese consultants, in an effort to maintain cultural and historical authenticity.

Future announcements for this project will be on the Sons of the Singularity Facebook page and website.

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