The Great Pendragon Campaign Recap 489-495

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

– The Second Coming, William B. Yeats, 1919

This marks the final recap of the Uther phase of our Great Pendragon Campaign. It was a brutal experience, with not all of our knights surviving the experience.  As before, I’ll post the recaps first then some of my thoughts on how the game has progressed. Some of the quotations come directly from The Great Pendragon Campaign.

Previous Recaps: 480-481, 482-483, and 484-488

Year 489 – Chapter X – Excalibur’s Peace

Tired of Duke Gorlois of Cornwall’s wavering allegiance, Uther rode with Merlin and many of his knights to confront the disloyal duke. The duke had many men – though he might be defeated, the battle was certain to be deadly. 

Uther rode forward to parley, Merlin beside him. The king yelled, “One land, one king!”
“Justice!” shouted Gorlois back.
“Show him the sword.” Uther drew Excalibur, and it gleamed brightly, even in the morning light. The bright light revealed troops in the woods, and they gasped and withdrew. Duke Gorlois looked worriedly at his nobles around him. They were worried.
“Behold the Sword of Victory,” said Merlin, “forged when the world was young.” 

The duke held a hurried parley with his men, then stepped back toward Uther and shouted. “And if I surrender, what do I get?” 

“You get…!?” started the king, but he was interrupted by Merlin, who held a hurried chat with Uther. 

Then the king continued, “All the land from here to the sea, to hold for the king.”
“I accept!” shouted the duke.
A big cheer went up from both armies. Gorlois and Uther camped together, spending the knight drinking and talking, and late at night, the duke goes away. 

However, the Saxons took advantage of Uther’s need to tend to his rogue duke, with Oeric, brother of King Octa, taking a castle at Roestoc. After a brutal battle, the knights Adric, Arthen, Boudica, and Mag led their forces to victory and took Oeric as their prisoner, earning great glory and esteem from their king.

Winter 489-490

  • Boudica
    • Girl, Calliope, born 481-482 (8)
    • Boy (bastard), born 486-487 (3).
  • Adric – 1 new son, survives
    • Twins, boy and girl, born 482-483 (7)
    • Boy, born 483-484 (6)
    • Girl, born 488-489 (1)
    • Boy, born 489-490 (0)
  • Arthen 
    • Boy, born 482-483 (7)
    • Twin daughters, born 483-484 (6)
    • Twin daughters, born 484-485 (5).
    • Son. Born 486-487 (3). Sick.
    • Son. Born 487-488 (2). Sick.
  • Mag 
    • Girl, born 488-489 (1)
    • Boy (bastard), born 488-489 (1)
    • Received Oeric’s enchanted ax (+1 to damage, blade cannot be broken, though haft can be)
  • Adric and Boudica have weddings in their families

Year 490 – Chapter XI – The Battle of Lindsey

At long last, the time had come to deal with King Octa of the Saxons. He had driven Malahaut to ground and pillaged the countryside. Earl Roderick’s knights assembled at the center of the line behind King Uther’s leadership. Duke Ulfius took the right flank and Duke Gorlois the left.

The battle lasted for many hours, with Duke Gorlois bringing low the giant warrior Eosa. The center of the Saxon army collapsed, leaving King Octa vulnerable, protected by just three of his heorthengeats, all of them mounted. The knights Adric, Arthen, Boudica, and Mag charged into battle. After a brutal battle, they slew his guardians and brought low the king, taking him a prisoner for King Uther.

With the capture of King Octa, Roderick’s knights were held in great esteem and invited to a place of prominence at the victory feast. There they noticed King Uther had eyes just for Ygraine, wife of Duke Gorlois. Both Boudica and, to a lesser extent, Mag, were captivated by her charms. As winter came on most of Uther’s loyal lords were dismissed but not Gorlois. As it became apparent the king was not going to dismiss them, they fled in the night. Adric tried to sound an alarm but aided by the magic of Nineve, one of the Ladies of the Lake, they were able to escape. The king was enraged and swore he would have his revenge on his disloyal lord.

Winter 490-491

  • Boudica. Gained lust (Ygraine). Family – 
    • Girl, Calliope, born 481-482 (9)
    • Boy (bastard), born 486-487 (4).
  • Adric – 1 new son, survives
    • Twins, boy and girl, born 482-483 (8)
    • Boy, born 483-484 (7)
    • Girl, born 488-489 (2)
    • Boy, born 489-490 (1)
    • Boy, born 490-491 (0)
  • Arthen – 1 new son, survives
    • Boy, born 482-483 (8)
    • Twin daughters, born 483-484 (7)
    • Twin daughters, born 484-485 (6).
    • Son. Born 486-487 (4)
    • Son. Born 487-488 (3)
    • Son. Born 490-481 (0).
  • Mag  – 1 new daughter, survives. Gained lust (Ygraine). Family – 
    • Girl, born 488-489 (2)
    • Boy (bastard), born 488-489 (2)
    • Girl, born 490-491 (0)
    • Received Octa’s enchanted ax (+2 to damage, blade cannot be broken, though haft can be)

Year 491 – Chapter XII – The Battle of Tintagel

“I have been insulted deeply, and for no good reason. The Duke of Cornwall has broken his word and violated our hospitality. His sudden flight from our court proves he is guilty; no other information need be sought. Worse, though, his people slew some servants in their escape, and they stole treasure when they fled. Gorlois is guilty.”

“Disloyalty and dishonor are not welcome in this kingdom. It is the obligation of every noble to serve with distinction and to uphold noblesse oblige. Anyone who disobeys these laws is a traitor.

“Gorlois is a traitor.”

With that, Uther mobilized most of the forces in his kingdom to march upon Tintagel – even as Saxons began raiding again. Adric, Arthen, Boudica, and Mag were part of Prince Madoc’s forces attacking Terrabil to prevent a counterattack while Uther’s forces attacked Tintagel.

Gorlois joined his men at Terrabil and, in a terrible battle, slew Prince Madoc. The four knights had attempted to protect their king’s heir but were only able to avenge him, slaying Duke Gorlois.

In the confusion that followed, there were reports that Gorlois had returned to Tintagel, something that was impossible for it occurred after his death and his body was not lost – nor was it given a proper Christian burial, for as a traitor he had damned himself – so spake Uther. There was a funeral for Prince Madoc at Stonehenge and there was great mourning, for the kingdom was without an heir. 

Shortly after the funeral, King Uther married Gorlois’ widow, Ygraine. Though an awkward event, it was viewed as advantageous for the widow, gaining protection, and hopefully would provide the kingdom with a new heir. The four knights spent a frugal Christmas garrisoning Terrabil, also spending some time at. Tintagel. There they met the three daughters of Ygraine.

  • Margawse, the eldest. A pretty and conniving woman, a bit rebellious, in her late teens. Of marriageable age, she is the object of numerous rumors regarding whom the king will marry her too.
  • Elaine, the middle child. A young woman, less pretty than Margawse, and less clever than her younger. She is also of marriageable age, and rumors of dowry and betrothal also surround her.
  • Morgan, the youngest. A dark and brooding girl who watches everything and says nothing in the presence of her betters. Too young to marry, she nonetheless is eyed as a candidate soon for those who would want to get close to the king.

Gifts this Christmas came from Sir Thebert, the temporary lord of the castle, sufficient to maintain their statuses. As a result of raids in France and the Battle of Lindsey, the four had become moderately wealthy.

Winter 491-492

  • Boudica. Family – 
    • Girl, Calliope, born 481-482 (10). Beginning service as a page in 492.
    • Boy (bastard), born 486-487 (5).
  • Adric – 
    • Twins, boy and girl, born 482-483 (9) (girl died 489)
    • Boy, born 483-484 (8)
    • Girl, born 488-489 (3)
    • Boy, born 489-490 (2)
    • Boy, born 490-491 (1)
  • Arthen – 
    • Boy, born 482-483 (9)
    • Twin daughters, born 483-484 (8)
    • Twin daughters, born 484-485 (7).
    • Son. Born 486-487 (5)
    • Son. Born 487-488 (4)
    • Son. Born 490-481 (1).
  • Mag  – 1 son, both he and mother die in childbirth 
    • Girl, born 488-489 (3)
    • Boy (bastard), born 488-489 (3)
    • Girl, born 490-491 (1)

Year 492 – Chapter XIII – The Lost Heir

In the Year of our Lord 492, King Uther held his court at Tintagel, with his new bride, Ygraine. The queen was expecting a child in the summer and all the men of goodwill in the kingdom prayed for a male heir. After the Easter feast, a pair of weddings were held for the king’s eldest two stepdaughters – King Lot was wed to Margawse and King Nentres to Elaine. The youngest, Morgan, was still too young to be betrothed.

That summer the queen gave birth to a healthy boy, giving the king a new heir. The four knights who had assisted Merlin in retrieving Excalibur patrolled the region near Tintagel. One day they encountered Merlin who instructed them that he needed their aid again. They followed him for many hours and then departed, telling them to stand ready on their horses and that he would return. When he returned some hours later he was carrying a bundle and told the four knights to delay his pursuers. Mag wondered if it could be a baby the wizard was carrying.

Adric, Arthen, Boudica, and Mag stood to delay the approaching knights who were in pursuit. To their horror, they discovered it was one of the king’s top advisors, Brastias, leading the pursuit. The pursuers shouted for Merlin and declared him a traitor – and cursed the knights for delaying the pursuit. Despite this, Boudica blocked their paths, believing that Merlin would not act without just cause. She was eventually wrestled to the ground and bound by Brastias’ men. The pursuit continued, with other knights who had been sent by Merlin to delay encountered as well, but there was no sign of the wizard or the lost heir.

As confusion reigned in the next days, the four knights reported to Salisbury and told Earl Roderick what had transpired. When they were summoned back to Tintagel to answer for what had happened, Roderick sent his Marshall, Sir Elad, son of Elad, and Bishop Roger, to assist in their legal challenges. Sir Brastias indicated they would have to answer the charge of treason, a grievous charge that could carry the penalty of death and seizure of lands. They met with Elad and Roger, telling them truthfully what happened – as well as with Father Dewi, who was quite suspicious of the pagans among them.

At the trial, it was clear that the queen desired their deaths. In the end, the king’s religious advisor, Illtyd, encouraged by Elad and Roger, suggested that Merlin had enchanted the good knights, who had never shown such treasonous behavior before. Uther encouraged them to agree to theory. Arthen and Adric declared their loyalty to Uther loudly, though Adric did declare that Merlin had never led them astray before. Mag declared he had done all that they had been accused of and for them to do as they will. Boudica, while careful not to denounce King Uther, indicated she believed all Merlin did was for the good of the kingdom.

In the end, Uther rendered his judgment. “Then let Justice reign. Here is the word of the King of Logres. 

“These men are innocent of treason. They, and all with like charges, are dismissed and ordered to see Bishop Dubricus for blessing and purification from pagan taint. 

“Furthermore, this court determines that Merlin the Enchanter was behind this, and he is hereby condemned to death by this court as an exile and traitor to the crown, who has willingly and knowingly harmed the throne. Let this news be sent forth to all the lords and guilds for reading in public places. 

“God bless us all. This court is adjourned.”

The four knights, though they did no such thing, became known as the knights who condemned Merlin. Though their honor had been wounded, their liege Roderick had defended them and protected them from the wrath of the king.

Winter 492-493

  • Adric – 
    • Twins, only boy surviving, born 482-483 (10)
    • Boy, born 483-484 (9)
    • Girl, born 488-489 (4)
    • Boy, born 489-490 (3)
    • Boy, born 490-491 (2)
    • Girl, born 492-493 (0)
  • Arthen – 
    • Boy, born 482-483 (10)
    • Twin daughters, born 483-484 (9)
    • Twin daughters, born 484-485 (8).
    • Son. Born 486-487 (6)
    • Son. Born 487-488 (5)
    • Son. Born 490-481 (2).
    • Family member goes missing
  • Boudica. Birth to a daughter – 
    • Girl, Calliope, born 481-482 (11)
    • Boy (bastard), born 486-487 (6).
    • Girl, born 492-493 (0)
  • Mag  – marries eldest daughter of vassal knight
    • Girl, born 488-489 (4)
    • Boy (bastard), born 488-489 (4)
    • Girl, born 490-491 (2)
    • Death in family 

Year 494 – Chapter XIV – Ambush Near Malahaut

Though Saxons were encroaching on his kingdom, King Uther was rarely seen, nor was his new queen, Ygraine. The Saxon kings, Octa and Eosa had escaped. Octa had sworn revenge against Mag for taking his enchanted ax. 

In this chaos, Earl Roderick was sent to the King of Malahaut to secure an alliance against the Saxons. With him traveled a small party – his squire; his knights, Adric, Arthen, Boudica, and Mag; and their squires. He commented to his loyal knights how someday his heir, Robert, would one day need a knight to squire to and he hoped it would be one of them or one like them.

Their time at Malahaut went poorly. Northern envoys were also present, including several from the Saxons. Roderick’s knights learned much intrigue – that the northern Kings and Saxons were making plans to attack Uther while he was weak.

Without a formal alliance, the earl and his retinue departed. On their journey home, they were ambushed by a Saxon raiding party at a stream. They were led by one of Octa’s most loyal men, Oswulf. Also with them was the berserker Cedric, the werwulf Coenwulf, and two warriors. The knights moved to protect their liege, but Roderick joined them in the melee. Boudica struck Coenwulf hard, but to no avail, for he could only be wounded by enchanted weapons. That had to wait until Mag finished his battle with Oswulf. Meanwhile, Cedric and Adric did battle as did Arthen and two Saxon warriors. The knights, aided by their liege, proved victorious in battle and they completed their journey home.

That Christmas made for a sad court, with Uther apparently ill and the Saxon kings, Octa and Eosa marching south.

Winter 493-494

  • Adric – 
    • Twins, only boy, Heckle surviving, born 482-483 (11)
    • Boy, James, born 483-484 (10)
    • Girl, Jennifer, born 488-489 (5)
    • Boy, Dan, born 489-490 (4)
    • Boy, John, born 490-491 (3)
    • Girl, Mary, born 492-493 (1)
  • Arthen – 
    • Boy, born 482-483 (11)
    • Twin daughters, born 483-484 (10)
    • Twin daughters, born 484-485 (9).
    • Son. Born 486-487 (7), dies of illness
    • Son. Born 487-488 (6)
    • Son. Born 490-481 (2).
  • Boudica. Aging reduces 4 stats – 
    • Girl, Calliope, born 481-482 (12)
    • Boy (bastard), Remus,  born 486-487 (7).
    • Girl, Rose, born 492-493 (1)
  • Mag  – 
    • Girl, Murrine, born 488-489 (5)
    • Boy (bastard), Cormac, born 488-489 (5)
    • Girl, Finnola, born 490-491 (3)

Year 494 – Chapter XIV – Embassy to Estergales

All was not well in Logres. The king was ill. Some claimed he called for Merlin to help him, though Queen Ygraine still desired his head. The Saxons kings Eosa and Octa continued their attacks on the lands of good King Uther.

Earl Roderick’s loyal knights, Adric, Arthen, Boudica, and Mag were dispatched to Estergales to treat with King Canan, as King Uther needed more allies against the Saxons. They rode off for a long journey. They passed through Gloucester, escorted by the twin sons of its duke, the bannerets of Glevum. They traveled on to the ancient Roman city of Carlion, where they were met by Sir Alain de Carlion, who had commanded the knights when they garrisoned Terrabil and Tintagel. He took them to the King of Escavalon, Nanteleod. They continued west to Cardiff and then, finally to Estergales, meeting with King Canan at his court in Pembroke.

After delivering their letter from King Uther, King Canan needed time to consider. He needed much time. In that time the knights had much time to themselves. They raced with a chieftain of the hill savages, learning him to be actually King Ystrad Tyi – the Savage King was impressed that both Arthen and Adric were able to out race him on horseback and sent word to King Canan, his ally, of their prowess. 

They had to follow King Canan as he moved his court throughout his kingdom. At Castle Tenby, he announced he would indeed help King Uther but he needed time to prepare his official reply.

Court moved to Carmarthen, birthplace of Merlin. There, at a feast, King Canan took a goblet from his son, Sir Dirac, and drained it – and quickly died of the poison within. However, Adric spied the goblet had been passed to Sir Dirac by Sir Orcas, the king’s steward. When Mag called this to the court’s attention Orcas was greatly angered and challenged Mag to a duel. In that duel, God proved the righteousness of Mag’s claim, Mag striking down Orcas with ease. Orcas survived and was imprisoned by the new King Dirac. 

Though Dirac pledged to support Uther, there was little help he could give, as his own kingdom was falling into rebellion. As the knights returned to their manors, they learned Octa and Eosa had launched attacks on Lincoln.

Winter 494-495

  • Adric – 
    • Twins, only boy, Heckle surviving, born 482-483 (12)
    • Boy, James, born 483-484 (11)
    • Girl, Jennifer, born 488-489 (6)
    • Boy, Dan, born 489-490 (5)
    • Boy, John, born 490-491 (3)
    • Girl, Mary, born 492-493 (2)
  • Arthen – 
    • Boy, born 482-483 (12)
    • Twin daughters, born 483-484 (11). Eldest dies of illness. 
    • Twin daughters, born 484-485 (10).
    • Son. Born 487-488 (7)
    • Son. Born 490-491 (3).
    • Daughter, Born 494-495 (0)
  • Boudica – 
    • Girl, Calliope, born 481-482 (13)
    • Boy (bastard), Remus,  born 486-487 (8).
    • Girl, Rose, born 492-493 (2)
    • Boy, dies stillborn, 494-495 (0)
    • Scandalous rumor – another bastard son of her father surfaces.
  • Mag  – 
    • Girl, Murrine, born 488-489 (6)
    • Boy (bastard), Cormac, born 488-489 (6)
    • Girl, Finnola, born 490-491 (4). Ill but survives.
    • Boy, Domnall born 494-495 (0)

Year 495 – Chapter XV – The Battle of Saint Albans and the Infamous Feast

Times were not well in the Kingdom of Logres. King Uther was ill, rumored to be at death’s door. However, he let it be known he and his knights would retake the city of Saint Albans from the Saxons. He led his army from a litter, some 1,500 knights, and 5,000 men on foot against King Octa’s horde of 9,000.

Over a thousand of Uther’s footsoldiers fell in battle when they were trapped in the seemingly unguarded city. Adric, Arthen, Boudica, and Mag fought their way out of the city.

The next morning was a great battle, as Octa led his host against Uther’s. A pair of berserkers and a werwulf charged at the four knights. In the battle, Sir Adric fell, nobly fighting against one of the berserkers. His squire, Trenton, took up his master’s sword. In the battle, Boudica led one of the berserkers on a long chase so that Arthen and Mag, who had dispatched the werwulf, could attack it in unison. After they did so, Boudica, with a wounded horse, Arthen, and Mag did battle with the remaining berserker whilst Tristan did battle with Saxon warriors.

As the battle continued, the three remaining knights found King Octa, guarded by some of his mightiest soldiers – though like the three, Octa and his men were bloodied. They did engage in great battle, with Octa desiring to gain his enchanted ax back from Mag. In the end, the three were triumphant, slaying his men and stunning him to near-death Before they could secure their prisoner, Sir Tristan, a bastard half-brother of Boudica charged in and retrieved the injured king, stealing credit for their victory. 

That evening there was a great celebration in the castle of Saint Albans. The nobles and those who most distinguished themselves were invited to the Great Hall while the bulk of the knights and army celebrated in the bailey. Earl Roderick argued for his three remaining great knights to attend, having witnessed what truly had transpired but it was Sir Tristan who was invited in their stead. Duke Ulfius and Sir Brastias both received grave wounds and were in the hospital.

There was much mourning and celebrating the lives of the many fallen knights. Great toasts were made in memory of Sir Adric. However, as midnight approached they heard screaming from the Great Hall. Running in, Arthen, Boudica, and Mag saw Sir Tristan, his face blue and vomiting blood. The same fate was befalling all those in the Great Hall, including King Uther and Earl Roderick. In one night, the king and most of his nobles had been slain by treachery most foul!

After attending the funerals of King Uther and Earl Roderick the remaining knights met with Roderick’s widow, Countess Ellen. With Roderick’s son, Robert, just three years of age, would they follow her and give her the same council they provided to her late husband until Robert came of age? They quickly pledged their loyalty, Boudica first among them. Alas, the land had no king, with Prince Modoc having perished and the second heir having been stolen by Merlin.

That winter Trenton was knighted by the recovering Duke Ulfius, one of the few survivors of the high nobility. Adric’s eldest son, Heckle, now 13, would squire for him. It was a difficult winter with Adric’s wife dying in childbirth and great pestilence ravaging the land – Boudica losing her daughter Rose, and Mag losing two children, his bastard son Cormac and daughter Finnola. Many other children were ill that winter.

Winter 495-496

  • Adric – 
    • Twins, only boy, Heckle surviving, born 482-483 (13)
    • Boy, James, born 483-484 (12)
    • Girl, Jennifer, born 488-489 (7)
    • Boy, Dan, born 489-490 (6)
    • Boy, John, born 490-491 (4)
    • Girl, Mary, born 492-493 (3)
  • Arthen – 
    • Boy, born 482-483 (13)
    • Survivor or twin daughters, born 483-484 (12). 
    • Twin daughters, born 484-485 (11).
    • Son. Born 487-488 (8)
    • Son. Born 490-491 (4).
    • Daughter, Born 494-495 (1)
  • Boudica – 
    • Girl, Calliope, born 481-482 (14)
    • Boy (bastard), Remus,  born 486-487 (9).
    • Girl, Rose, born 492-493 (3), dies of illness.
    • Girl, born 495-496 (0)
  • Mag  – 
    • Girl, Murrine, born 488-489 (7)
    • Boy (bastard), Cormac, born 488-489 (7), dies of illness
    • Girl, Finnola, born 490-491 (5). Dies of illness.
    • Boy, Domnall born 494-495 (1)


Amazingly, we made it to the first major checkpoint in the game – the end of the first major period, the reign of King Uther. From the start, I told myself I was going to focus that far – if I tried to focus further I’d be too intimidated. I’m glad I went that route. The real world was quite intense during this period. I left my job at Tripadvisor to join a tech unicorn, Toast. With the outbreak of COVID-19 we were all working from home/attending classes remotely. I lost my job as part of some massive COVID-19 related layoffs and found my way to a new position. Players in the group had to deal with their own real-world challenges. The realm of Uther Pendragon provided a welcome escape during all of this.

I noticed we began having recurring foes – King Octa of the Saxons became a sort of “big bad” for this portion of the campaign, with the player knights battling him twice and dealing with him being rather angry that Sir Mag had obtained his enchanted ax.

There were a few years I found myself needing to make substantial tweaks to – for example, as written, the year 489 allowed the characters to witness a major event from the film Excalibur. Using history as a reference, I gave King Octa a brother, Oeric, based on the Oisc of Kent – Oeric was his birth-name and seemed to flow better. This was a good addition as King Octa was to play a major part in upcoming games – and I wanted the knights to have a chance to be victorious without derailing the campaign by slaying Octa early.

I noticed that some of the players did not seem overly fond of King Uther – this is not surprising as Uther, while preferable to the Saxon hordes, is nonetheless a rather lustful warlord. The players did feel affection towards their liege lord, Earl Roderick. This proved advantageous when the characters were accused of treason after unknowingly helping Merlin abduct Uther’s infant heir – Roderick came to their defense and in a later adventure they battled Saxons at his side. There wasn’t much mourning for Uther after his death, but there was for Earl Roderick. The knights were quick to pledge their support to his widow. I was also pleased to find the players all having their knights give different reactions when accused of treason.

The winter phases made for some interesting moments. You can see for example Sir Mag has had trouble having an heir and Boudica has lost many children. A roll the year before the infamous feast Boudica’s player rolled a scandalous rumor regarding her father – we decided he had yet another bastard, Sir Tristan, who the next year would make an appearance – an inadvertently save most of their lives by taking credit for defeating King Octa a second time and being invited to the infamous feast instead of the player knights. That said, the knights did not have plot armor, with Sir Adric falling early in the Battle of Saint Albans at the hands of a Saxon berserker. By this time, interested in bringing some variety to the Saxon foes, I’d begun raiding the 4th edition Saxons supplement for new foes such as berserkers.

It’s also worth noting that winter was indeed especially brutal. I didn’t apply any modifiers or fudge any rolls. Adric’s widow died in childbirth, Boudica lost another child, and Mag lost two. It certainly seemed appropriate for the dark year which had just ended.

With that, our brave knights enter the Anarchy period. The survivors have become major movers and shakers and Adric’s squire, Percy, has been knighted and will be a fill-in character until his own squire, Adric’s heir, come of age. Now my next goal is to reach Arthur pulling the sword from the stone…

~ Daniel Stack

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