A Look at acts of Malice, volume one

acts of MALICE, volume one

Author: David Kizzia
Publisher: MonkeyFun Studios
Page Count: 23
Available Formats: PDF
PDF (DTRPG) – $6.99

Recently, we published our review of the roleplaying game a town called Malice (Nordic Horror Never Looked so Good – A Town Called Malice), which was well received by our readers. We thought it only fitting to write up a quick review of this, the first playset supplement for the game.

acts of Malice, volume one is the first of two supplements for a town called Malice; both supplements are a result of Kickstarter stretch goals. Volume one is comprised of three playsets that are distinctly different from one another. “Station to Station” and “Season of the Witch” were unlocked stretch goals, but the third playset, “Cruel Summer,” remained locked at the end of the campaign; it was a pleasant surprise to see it included.

“Station to Station” takes Malice into outer space. Inspired by “Alien,” players find themselves on an isolated mining station where an overdue resupply ship brings the Darkness aboard. Life in a mining station is hard; isolated from the universe, save for the crew you live and work with. Life is hard, your attitude harder, but can you survive the Darkness that threatens to consume your station?

“Season of the Witch” is more than a tall tale told to children to keep them in their place—the Malice witch is real. As transgressions of the past return to haunt the citizen of modern-day Malice. How will they justify their actions to appease tradition when things go wrong?

“Cruel Summer” is a paradise lost, or so some say. The tourist season in this little slice of paradise is coming to a close, and tourism is beginning to slow. Island locals hope to eke out a living during the upcoming off-season and hope to draw some much-needed revenue from the mainland by hosting a surfing contest. The Darkness has a taste for flesh and looks forward to the competition too.

The presentation of acts of Malice, volume one, is of the same high quality as a town called Malice. The playsets are clearly written and in the same concise format used in the core book.

acts of Malice, volume one is a fine addition to what is shaping up as another nice product line from Monkeyfun Studios. The more I read and play a town called Malice, the more I look forward to diving into these new playsets. These, like the two included in the core book, should have ample re-playability to last a lifetime. I look forward to seeing the release of acts of Malice, volume two, and whatever else David Kizzia has up his sleeve.

~ Modoc

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