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This is for you fans of Mythos and Lovecraftian cosmic horror roleplaying games. Paco Jaen of GMS Magazine is crowdfunding a new sourcebook for Mythos games entitled Campo de Mitos. Check it out and join me in supporting this awesome looking, under-covered region of the world! I love the “Angel” pledge levels. 

The following is taken from the campaign’s Game On Tabletop page. 

Campo de Mitos is a land full of myths and legends, history and dark secrets that lurk in places you wouldn’t imagine.

Campo de Mitos is a campaign setting for cosmic horror roleplaying games. This campaign setting contains dozens of locations and even more NPCs with adventure seeds to use in your Cthulhu games, but this book has a twist: it’s based on real locations and historic events.


Why in Southern Spain?

Europe is full of legends, stories and history full of mysteries which people do not even realise exist. Monuments of unknown origins, traditions with perverse rituals, dynasties with murky and bloody pasts – we explore some of them in this book.
Since I discovered The Call of Cthulhu in the late 80s, I have been fascinated that, even though we have thousands of legends and mysteries in our history and each town has its own urban myths, there is barely any material inspired by my country.
campaign image 3Algeciras is where I was born. As well as being a place that has been gifted with natural beauty, it has a long history and many traditions that fit perfectly into horror adventures. Campo de Mitos offers an alternative history setting where I have kept the traditional roots of the town just as they are right now and how they were in the 1920s. The buildings described are buildings you can visit. The traditions explained are traditions you can go and experience. The people are versions of people I grew up with.
And now they can populate your worlds and adventures too!

What’s in the book?

  • A description of the area surrounding Gibraltar with history and places of interest
  • A detailed description of Algeciras in the 1920s, the largest and most important city the region
  • More than 50 subjects of interest in Algeciras and surrounding areas
  • More than 70 non-player characters, each with three different stances: Friendly, Neutral and Antagonistic
  • Traditions and artefacts to use in your adventures
  • New and horrifying creatures


~ Modoc

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