News Desk: DriveThruRPG’s Christmas in July Sale

Launched earlier this week, DriveThruRPG kicked off their annual Christmas in July sale. This year, there are over 58,000 titles! Each is 25% off its regular retail price. We obviously can’t give you a complete rundown of all the titles, but here are ten of the amazing titles in this year’s sale and our review of each.

The Hero’s Journey: Second Edition (A Look at The Hero’s Journey 2nd Edition)
King Arthur Pendragon: Book of Feasts (Book of Feasts – Bringing Your Medieval Feasts to Life)
No Country for Old Kobolds (Kobold Powers Unite! – A Review No Country for Old Kobolds)
[Call of Cthulhu] The Sassoon Files (An attempt to Destroy the Truth – The Sassoon Files Review)
[Call of Cthulhu] We are all Savages ([Call of Cthulhu] Muskets and Mythos in We Are All Savages)
Lowcountry Crawl: Issue 1 (Island Hopping in Lowcountry Crawl)
John Carter of Mars Core Rulebook (Visit Beautiful Barsoom – A Review of the John Carter of Mars RPG)
Crime Network: Cosa Nostra (Crime Network: Cosa Nostra — An RPG You Can’t Refuse)
Cryptworld (Cryptworld RPG — I’m Getting Chills and They’re Multiplying)
[Kids on Bikes] Strange Adventures: Vol 2 (Kids on Bikes Presents: Strange Adventures! Volume 2)

~ Modoc

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